Advanced Hypnotherapy Training in Singapore

Advanced Hypnosis Training

The Next Steps to Discover Deep and Powerful Methods for Change and Hone Your Hypnotic Skills

Singapore – November 16-17 & 19-21, 2016

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Move forward with your skills and scope of work, increasing competence and poise in this exciting and rewarding field…

This class is the next step to deepen your understanding of the subconscious mind, learn sophisticated, causal techniques that get to the root of thought, emotional and behavioural issues, and enhance your experience and confidence with hands-on application.

Five learning-packed days launch you from your basic skills into an advanced hypnotherapeutic world, with sound theoretical foundations bolstered by constant hands-on integration. Some of the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Progressive metaphor creation ‘workshop’ to increase responsiveness to client’s needs
  • Techniques to access the root cause of clients’ issues, including age regression, empty chair therapy and parts therapy
  • Facial emotional recognition and other responsive training for greater therapeutic success
  • Speed skills and covert techniques to enhance change, fast
  • Application and business essentials and extras so that you can “do well and do good”, and take away the proficiency and confidence you need to do this work


As someone who’s learned hypnosis in the past, you understand the power of compounding knowledge in a safe and dynamic setting. Reviewing and refreshing skills allows you to better serve clients and pick up nuances and approaches to tolls that make you a better hypnotist/hypnotherapist. Add to that new skills and perspectives, and your proficiency and self-assurance in this work are bound to multiply (along with your ability to support others).

Only S$2245 until September 15th ($500 off the usual price) with more bonus materials granted the sooner you register (we love to support change, right away!) All materials and certification included. Sign up with a friend and you both benefit – additional material worth hundreds…

Your training, Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, has been helping thousands of individuals positively shift over 14 years in practice. With a client- and heart-centred approach to therapy, she imparts these proven and powerful means for transformation freely with her students, encouraging them to take on the rewarding and fulfilling role of sharing the gift of change with others.

Note: Students are required to have attended the Essentials Hypnosis Training or, at minimum, a basic hypnosis training (Instructor will check prior knowledge before course to assure class cohesion and level of learning)

Our classes have limited seating so we can focus on you and your learning needs, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of this dynamic training. Sign up now!

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training, Singapore: November 2016
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