Birds of a Feather

Feel like crowing today? This is the month that starts the New Year in the Lunar calendar – and it’s the Year of the Rooster.

I’ve been looking over the ‘horoscopes’ and the predictions for this year.

Out of habit, I’m only hearing the ‘good’ stuff – that there will be greater resolution in international affairs, that economies will stabilise, and much will ‘straighten up and fly right’ during this Rooster year.

Here are a few suggestions to brighten your barnyard Monday with attributes of the rooster you can take to mind.

Early to Rise

Benjamin Franklin wrote in his Poor Richard’s Almanac “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” I’m not suggesting that everyone becomes a dawn riser, just note that the reason brainwaves are called ‘waves’ is because they undulate naturally, up and down, depending on our activity and time of day. While the basic cycle extends from being asleep to being awake, there are also times of the day when we tend to be more active and focused than at other times. While there may be limits as to how much control you have over what you can be doing at high or low times, monitoring yourself for a few days may reveal the times when you are at ‘peak’. That allows you to plan important activities during those times. If you need help during the low times, find out more about 7th Path Self- Hypnosis and our next class in March.

Be Colourful

Just as the rooster stands out amongst the chickens, you can bring ‘colour’ into your life. It doesn’t have to be lime green or hot pink, but think about the other implications of ‘colour’ – fun, passion, calm, activity. They don’t need to actual, but maybe mental or emotional versions of them. What new shade can you introduce to your palette? Is it trying something new that excites or relaxes? Something that you need to rediscover or reveal that already exists deep within, waiting to be let out? Or something that you’re already doing that might need the hue enhanced? Just like a flower that catches our eye and brightens our spirit, our own personal dash of colour can enrich our own, and other’s, lives.

Which Came First, the Rooster/Chicken or the Egg?

A philosophical issue of note that I’ll translate to “thought” and “action”. Which comes first? While I may tend towards the ‘thought first’ idea, why don’t you use February (there is only one week left to start it) to experiment? Of the areas or goals that you’re aiming for, take one to be ‘thought-led’, one ‘action-led’ and one ‘both-led’. For the first, spend some time fantasizing about the change – you’ll notice that opportunities pop up for you to act on. For the second, start right in making the change – your actions will give fuel to win over your mind for change. For the third, using a combination of mental and actual movement will help boost your chances of success even more. See what your results are – many of us have different approaches to tackling change. You can see what works best for you. As long as you know that both the ‘chicken’ and the ‘egg’ are necessary to proliferation of change, you can do what makes it cluck (I mean click) best.

Crow Your Purpose

Roosters are a symbol of an animal that crows to greet the dawn. What areas of purpose do you have in your life? How are you spreading the word? It’s wonderful to share what excites you now and again – to give yourself a chance to revise your own current position, as well as give others a chance to find out more, to get connected or get involved. I love to talk about hypnosis (if you haven’t guessed) and how each of us has power within our own mind to make great changes. This takes a job, and makes it a vocation. But remember that sharing purpose shouldn’t turn into a lecture. Keep in mind “how can I help this person or make this information relevant or usable?” Need help in crowing or communicating, we have a couple of classes that may suit – Hypnotic Communications and Get Over Fear of Public Speaking are coming up soon.

Hope this shortest month of the year is long on happiness and success for everyone.




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