Change YOUR Story – Personal Metaphor Shift for Good! September 2017

Are you stuck?
Are people in your family or work driving you crazy?
Do you feel like you’re sinking under the weight of all you have to do?
Is the discomfort in your life a constant throb or does it pounce on you sharply and unexpectedly?

The words we use to describe ourselves and our situation has a huge impact on the way we feel and what faces or surrounds us.

“Change the Story” is a three-class online series that supports you in creating a healthier, happier life, using personal and supportive metaphor shifts that are both easy and powerful!

Join your group at once-a-week for three weeks to redevelop the metaphors you are giving your subconscious mind so they are the ones you want! Whether it is about the way you talk to yourself, others or your current situation, this powerful tool can transform your life in so many positive ways.


September 12, 19 & 26 (Tuesday)

7:30am-9am AND 7:30pm-9pm (based on Central US time – CDT)

GoToMeeting information given upon registration

Early Bird Special (until August 29th) – US$145 (price after August 29th – US$199)

Included: Group lectures with interactive support, access to all audios, worksheets to guide and support you in your renewed story.

We’ll be exploring:

  • The ways your internal speech and story may be limiting your ability to be healthy and happy, and how to turn it around so you can emerge healthier, happier and more successful;
  • The ways that our relationships with others – whether at home or at work – are affected by the stories we tell in the present, of what’s going on now and what’s happened in the past. Moving from frustration, anger and hurt, to greater love, attraction, influence, achievement and confidence when dealing with others.
  • How to quickly create new successful stories that last by activating the subconscious mind, clearing obstacles and going from good to great!

For questions, please email or sign up today via paypal below to reserve your place on the call!

Change the Story Webinar – September 2017

Jennifer loves to explore and understand the deeper power of the mind - and to share that insight with clients, students and others interested in discovering untapped resources available in the subconscious. As a hypnotist in practice for over 13 years, trainer, speaker and author of several books, Jennifer translates the language of our deeper selves in ways that can support positive change and personal transformation.

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