Different, Interesting and “Lucky” Research Update

Because the mind works best through association, I’ve taken a round about way of getting to this month’s topic.

October: Means “the eighth month.” From the Latin octo, eight.

Eight is generally considered lucky in Chinese culture and is highly sought after in phone numbers, addresses, and bank account numbers. It foreshadows prosperity and brings added confidence. The phonetic sound of eight is also similar to the word for prosperity.

So, October is a great time to talk about luck (hope you followed that!).

And it can be a serious topic – even for research. The University of Hertfordshire’s Perrott-Warrick Research Unit has been studying (for the past eight years) what makes some people lucky and others not. The Luck Project found that the biggest difference between the two is the way people think.

Lucky people are open to new experiences. They are prepared to take risks and relaxed enough to see the opportunities in the first place. Lucky people are open to following intuitive feelings and well as have ‘various game plans running in their heads’ – seeing what’s around them and maximising it.

Lucky people expect good fortune and have an ability for turning bad luck into good.

(for more information about the project and research, you can go to http://pf.fastcompany.com/magazine/72/realitycheck.html)

Neat! But not surprising. People tend to believe what they say about themselves – they are basically what they believe themselves to be. The subconscious mind tends to focus on what is highlighted (as I mentioned in last month’s post on labels, or as any golfer knows when he says “don’t hit the water”!)

While I’m not advocating empty affirmations, by keeping in mind all the lucky things that happen in your life, you can take a more positive and proactive look at the opportunities that are possibly (and probably) surrounding you.

Leave yourself open to good (lucky) things happening and there is a greater chance that they will. AND the more lucky experiences you have, the more the subconscious mind can draw on and use as your own life template.

Now, aren’t you lucky you got this email?  Have a wonderful October – Happy Deepavali, Happy Thanksgiving (Canadians) and Happy Halloween…


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