Self-Care For People Who Care

 Personal Self-Support or Mental Health and Helping Professionals Versions

Self-Care for Counselors
We can learn from the oxygen mask lesson shared by flight attendants – we need to put them on ourselves first before we can support others. With too much to do and too little time, individuals and professionals are too busy to relax, and supporting ourselves seems too hard. Meanwhile, we feel burned-out and lack energy to do the things we most want to do. Learn simple tips to access a place for relaxation, calm, focus and clarity and help others do the same. The Personal package helps you gather the skills you need to discover resources and tools to give you the suggestions you want and the changes you need. The Profession package is for mental health and helping professionals to support themselves and develop quick and effective tools for clients.

The self-care workbook outlines several techniques to allow you to center and calm yourself within seconds; give guidance for creating supportive suggestions, finding times when the mind is most receptive to these suggestions, and general approaches to train yourself (or your clients for professionals) to support mental, physical and emotional health.

Six self supporting audios take this information further, aligning with the relaxation techniques learned, guiding (all less than 5 minutes) with space for suggestions or specific prompting for better sleep, greater mental clarity, or enhanced health.

[Professional Package only An additional 90-minute recording of Jennifer Norris-Nielsen’s professional training session held in Dallas in 2014, reinforces the lessons in the workbook and allows practitioners to participate in finding solutions to this common complaint of not having quick and powerful tools while still giving so much to others!]

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