Test Anxiety Support (feel calm and focused!) Audio Success Series

Have you ever sat down to a test and your mind went blank? Ever worried so much about an exam that you couldn’t sleep and were a ‘wreck’ by the time you sat down to take it? Anything that stress tends to make worse, hypnosis tends to make much, much better. So working with the powerful subconscious mind through hypnosis can help.

Our five audio series supports you to establish a new relationship with your mind and memory, enhance your mental habits prior to tests which flow into the testing environment, release blocks that may be stopping you from doing well in tests, mental practices that will leave you feeling confident and in control of your capacity and understanding, and the ability to build on that learning for future success.

The Package includes:

1. YOU are a memory machine! (even if you didn’t think you were)
2. Pumping up your study focus and absorption (more in, less time)
3. Letting Go of Failure and Limitations
4. Perfect Practice for Test Excellence
5. It Keeps Getting Better…

We also provide a ‘quick pages’ guide to help you enhance your positive self-talk and self-support, so you feel and perform much better.

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