E-merging into a Fabulous 2008

It seems that once again a year is coming to a close. I have been fortunate enough in this year to witness wondrous, positive changes in many individuals (as well as in groups and corporations).

While some of the words that we use are Change, Shift, and Transformation – I also like the word Emerge. And looking at a couple of dictionaries, it seems to fit – “to rise from an obscure or inferior position or condition; become manifest or known; to rise from or as if from immersion; to come into being through evolution”. Sometimes it’s something that’s blatantly obvious, sometimes it’s something that creeps into consciousness after the change has already been implemented. From limits and self-imposed restrictions, a greater and more magnificent being emerges (that’s you!)

So it’s time to talk a little about emerging just before 2008 does just that.

Fostering and Expanding

Have you ever seen time-lapse photography of a seed sprouting into a flower, or of grass growing? The moment I love best is just before the ground breaks and the small sprout appears. You can feel a rustling of the ground, and you suspect, with the anticipation of a child staring at an unopened gift, that something spectacular is going to happen. It’s great when it does, but when you know that the ground is prepared, that all the conditions are right for it, and are convinced that it is going to happen, it’s more a matter of ‘oops, there it is’ when it surfaces. Then you can enjoy the observable flowering that really started long before the first shoot appeared. Emerging is often seen as growing bigger, expanding into view, but I like to keep in mind the important aspect of emerging as the preparation and fostering that happens prior to the visible stuff. It’s preparing the soil, as it were, or even being open to new and different ideas that actually start the process of growth from the inside, out.

Merging helps emerging

Continuing on the sprout metaphor, you might have heard about hybrids. They are the combination of two (or more) plants that create a newer, stronger, or more unique plant. The strengths of the two different organisms can combine, or merge, to create something even better. Or think of the merging of the flavours of a stew – while each of the ingredients may be wonderfully tasty by themselves, proper cooking and combining creates an even tastier final result. Drawing in ideas and experiences outside our usual day-to-day existence can often be the catalyst for big, and positive shifts. “One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes was quoted as saying, and I tend to agree. A friend of mine was recently talking about her work taking business people on a wide range of extreme experiences (about as far from the boardroom as you can imagine), which challenges assumptions of ‘the way it is’ and broadens perspectives, creating, in the end, a more dynamic and robust approach to business in the future. Different models and methodologies make a single approach look restrictive.

Emerging may be ‘something’ 

“Well, isn’t that something” is a phrase my Dad likes to use when he can’t quite figure out whether something is a good or bad thing (or if the person might be thinking the opposite of his thoughts and feelings). I’ve been on the receiving end of this sentence with many of my pronouncements in the past – and I thank him for putting other judging statements aside so that I could make my own mistakes, and successes. The reason I use it here is that many people see change or emerging as painful. In the nature programs you can see a chick struggling out of an egg, or a butterfly floundering out of its cocoon. Even the process of human birth (from a nice warm safe surrounding inside to a bright, big and loud world) is a major shift. Like every small or quantum leap made in history, there’s a shift in position. While it might not be familiar (or at times downright uncomfortable to start), it becomes the new norm fairly quickly – like who’s ever heard of this funny thing called emails, it’ll never catch on! Taking that first step into the unknown can be both daunting and exciting (so it’s always good to have friends around).

What’s the difference between Emerge and E-merge?

While my newsyletters may meander, there is usually a final destination in mind (subconscious and other). E-merge is different yet linked to the idea of emerging. It is the theme of this year’s Hypnosis Month Singapore, which starts on World Hypnotism Day (January 4th) and runs until February 4th. This is an exciting month indeed. Not only are we going to have different talks and courses by Hypnotherapists about various subjects and ways to help you emerge into your greatest self – including self-hypnosis, stress-less, goal-setting, hypnoparenting, and more – we’re also merging with other modalities or types of health-enhancing providers.

What does that mean? We have discovered professionals and experts who look at emerging wellness and health outside their own ‘box’ to encompass all aspects of self, including mind. We’ve got great people who are specialists in orthoptics, teen and adult counselling and support, yoga, writing power, massage, chakradancing, fitness, additives and food choices, business coaching and change, birthing and fertility, recovery, reiki, ayurveda,chiropractic, body perspectives and more. And we’re pleased to announce that they will not only be speaking at Grey Matter Network (or various locations around the island as well as online) but will be participating in an E-book.

The E-merge E-book will be full of short articles that e-ducate, e-nrich or e-xcite – and it will be downloadable for no cost during Hypnosis Month Singapore. How’s that for a nice bonus? (You are so worth it!)

Please bear with us as the schedule and book emerges – we should have the website revised for 2008 and up at www.HypnosisMonthSingapore.com by the next week and the E-book online by the last week of the year.

I’m feeling that there’s going to be a great breakthrough coming really soon!

The schedule for Hypnosis Month will be up soon – if you want an advanced heads-up of what’s coming in January, please drop us a line at [email protected]

Take care and have a great rest of 2007,


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