Happy New (Year) You

I was speaking to a friend about the obvious choice for the January newsyletter – New Year’s Resolutions – and he mentioned something insightful that I know about and work with on a daily basis but haven’t written about yet. He said, “instead of deciding what you will and won’t do differently in the new year, why don’t people focus on who they want to be – then their actions will follow.”

Bravo. Exactly.

As you know, we’re called human BEINGS, not human DOINGS, and who we (think and feel we) are affects our actions, behaviours and what we do.

So who do you want to be in 2007? And how can you be that person?

Uncover Existing Strengths (of others and ourselves)

“Boy, I’d love to be as fit/successful/talented as him/her…” How often we do we look at the strengths of others and see in them our own lack? Instead of celebrating others excellence, it sometimes seems that we instead accuse or envy. When you focus on anything, it grows in your consciousness. So when we focus on what we lack, those things that are lacking tend to expand in our life. As I’ve heard and love to remind myself – set your limitations and you’ll reach them. But why would we want to focus on our own limitations rather than our strengths?

Now, this might be an exercise that you can do by yourself, or find a friend who can be open and honest with you. Take a length of time – set 15 minutes first to brainstorm, with the option for extending the time. Focus on what’s RIGHT with you, rather than what’s WRONG with you. All the good things about you, all the little things that make you, you, that make you special. This is where having someone else giving input is handy – they are less likely to censor positive reflections. Not only will this make you feel better and connect you with your strengths, but it will also give you an opportunity to get to know yourself.

Find Contentment and Gratitude in Who You Are – right now.

Ok, so now you’ve listed your strengths and attributes. If you’re like many people, you’ve got a little voice inside who might be editing or countering… “yeah, you’ve got a nice smile, but your lower teeth are crooked. Yeah, you take great care of your customers, but you’re not making the top salesperson target…” Take a deep breath – just because you aren’t where you want to be, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy where you are right now.

Close your eyes for a moment and thank yourself for being who you are at this moment. You are a unique gift – to others and to the world. Remember how I mentioned about your focus and that’s were your energy flows. If you are unhappy about who you are, you’re just prolonging the misery. Just think of today as being the first day of school on ‘you’ – you don’t know everything yet, you have many amazing lessons to learn and tests to take, but you’re in the classroom, participating in, rather than abdicating (or putting your head in the sand) your living experience. Congratulations.

Powerfully Pretend, Feel the Feelings

Alright now it’s time for focusing on the person you’re going to be. Still respecting the place you’re in now, take some times to imagine or fantasise about your next destination, who you’re going to be in the future. Just as in any developmental fantasy, there are a few ways to make it more powerful and potent. When you imagine the future, make it what you want (not what you don’t want). Feel how good that feels for you – the joy, the pride, the accomplishment, the connection, the love. Have a fun time with it (remember, this isn’t an opportunity for you to berate yourself for not having accomplished it all already). Make it a stretch but something that you won’t totally scoff at when you think about it first (you’re raising your expectations already, aren’t you?)

Do this as often as you can – on the bus, drifting off to sleep – because it just feels so great, and your subconscious mind is getting directions, “oh, so you want to feel this, and accomplish that, and be this way… ok.” Please don’t limit your thoughts to ones that you know how to accomplish. If we’re only utilising a small percentage of our brain power, this is a stretching exercise to ‘pump a little mental iron’. Trust your own mind to find elegant solutions to the targets to which you’re aiming. They will happen.

Realise Every Thought Helps Increase Natural Change! (RETHINC!)

Our thoughts affect our beliefs and feelings which affect what we do, how we behave, and what we achieve. With love directed to ourselves, speaking nicely to our potential, giving ourselves and opportunity for being grateful for the valuable ‘works in progress’ that we are, and spreading this care and support to others, we place ourselves in a position of positive possibilities. Now that’s good for everyone. And that’s not a bad place to start for a wonderful 2007.

Everyone needs help, though. We’ve got a few supportive tools up our sleeves. Hypnosis Month Singapore started yesterday on World Hypnotism Day and continues until February 4th. As a special bonus to help participants take thought a little further, we’ve created RETHINC! Cards for you. A three-page, downloadable and printable PDF file full of positive words and thoughts and different approaches to letting yourself and others know how special they are. Just go to www.HypnosisMonthSingapore.com and you can download it in the RETHINC! section of the site. There are also lots of talks, movie screenings, and courses going on. Share the power and potential within the mind with others – pass it on!

Have a wonderful, powerful, fun, abundant, delightful, successful, healthy 2007. And good luck with your New Years Evolutions!

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