Heartland Hypnosis Conference - WELCOME! Learning more starts here...

I’m so glad you were part of the dynamic learning environment of the Heartland Hypnosis Conference. Really inspiring, right?

Well now you can continue your learning journey with a variety of support ideas for specific areas of work within your practice. I love what I do and I want to share what I’ve learned over the past two decades – so it is simpler and more straightforward for you; so you can learn techniques that expand your ability to help others; so you can succeed at the different approaches… All this and your clients will be winners too!

Because you’ve worked so hard at educating yourself at the conference, remember to add the discount coupon code (called enrollment code) for these books and mini-courses. I’ve placed these on a learning platform, so you’ll have to enter a few things about yourself (even for the books) – it just means it’s easier to learn in the future (you only have to do it once)!

If you’ve ever been interested in using the power of Imaginative Chair Therapy to support your clients work through anger, guilt, shame, grief; discover insight or source enhancements for performance in life, this is the book. Don’t know what Imaginative Chair Therapy is? This workbook takes you from the basics with practical steps to help others succeed. Imaginative Chair Therapy (ICT) is a technique expanding upon the Gestalt therapy of “Empty Chair” with the power of using imagination and the subconscious mind. Only $49 with enrollment code “HeartlandICT” (usually $55)

Want to really get a handle on metaphors in your practice to “power up” your ability to connect with, support and help to change your clients using their own stories? Would you like to have a few easy metaphors that feel almost “universal” to use during the change process? Don’t think you’re a natural storyteller but would like to increase your comfort in using them in a therapeutic or helping environment? This is the pack for you, with three books to help you become a metaphor “Master”! 1. Learn to Become a Storyteller; 2. Using Stories in Your Practice; and 3. 7 Universal Metaphors. Only $70 for all 3 with enrollment code “HeartlandMetaphor” (UP $80)


Get practicing the underlying skills of the hypnosis trade that make the difference between good therapists and great therapists! Practicing these tools in your everyday life will have some surprising and positive benefits… This class includes a workbook with practical suggestions on how to “pump up” your skills of observing, listening, reading and speaking, with two quick videos to support your learning even further! Only $35 with enrollment code “HeartlandSkills” (usually $39.99)

More than ever, being ‘good’ at grief is an important skill for people in the helping profession.While grief moves at its own speed and is a healthy and natural expression of loss, there may be times when people come to us to move through some painful feelings to function better in their lives. This workbooks supports you in the discovery of different aspects of grief, how to work with your clients through this process, as well as provides you with powerful and practiced scripts to support your clients deal with the many faces of grief. Only $45 with enrollment code “HeartlandGrief” (usually $50)

People are burnt out and don’t feel they have the time to support themselves without adding one more thing to their “to-do list”. Discover how to help people create their own ‘safe place’ of relaxation quickly and powerfully. This program provides you with the workbook, the original lecture given to counselors on supporting themselves and sharing that knowledge with others, and 6 general and specific guided audios to get you started to help yourself and others. Only $25 with enrollment code “HeartlandSelfCare” (usually $29.99)

I’m here to help. If you have questions about the work we do, please email me directly. I’m also taking mentees in my monthly mentorship sessions – they are flexible and valuable in getting you were you need to go. You’re doing the good work – these are only meant to make it easier for you!

Thanks for your patience as we update our website! Jennifer