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Imagine being part of a Growing Profession that is not only Personally Fulfilling, while Supporting Positive Changes for the People You Care About, but also serves as a Course towards a Rewarding Career Opportunity…

The Hypnotherapy Profession is an internationally growing one, due in part to its success in helping people make constructive shifts quickly and effectively on a wide variety of issues, including stopping smoking, weight loss, stress reduction, school and sports enhancement, as well as dealing with fears, anger, and other emotional issues or bad habits.

But there’s another reason you’re looking at this training course…

  • Maybe you’re looking for another career option to get out of a job you hate, or one that’s going to be downsized because of these economic times, adding part-time work to supplement your income, or maybe you’re planning on retiring – and you don’t want to spend years learning a skill or going back to school.
  • Maybe you’re looking to boost your career, by adding additional skills that can not only make you more influential but also more productive, confident and stress-free, increasing your value and positive perspective within the workplace. You may even be looking for another tool that will make your job easier, more lucrative or more successful.
  • Maybe your family situation requires you to have greater flexibility or mobility in your work life and you’re looking for a profession where you can set your own hours, and can move when and where you need to, around the country or around the world.
  • Maybe there are people you care about who need help but haven’t been able to get it elsewhere – and you’d like to support them with a therapeutic method that helps where others have failed.
  • Or maybe you’d like to shift from a good life to a great life, enhancing your skills, energy, focus, direction or optimism, and be a living role model to others.


If any of these statements seem to be talking to you, even a little, then you’ll be happy to know that many of our past students came to this program with similar ideas or goals. And now they are living their dreams. Around the world Grey Matter Network graduates are successfully practicing in the profession of Hypnotherapy, have supported their counseling, medical, teaching or business careers with the skills from this course, and have experienced amazing personal and family changes that have positively transformed their lives.

“I can confidently say that attending Jennifer Norris-Nielsen’s “Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Training” has definitely been one of the most life-changing events I have experienced.” Amimo A, Kenya/Thailand


100 Hour Intensive Training and Practice over 10 Days – Starting from the Basics and Developing into Advanced Therapeutic Methods and the Confidence to Put your Knowledge to Use

Our accredited hypnosis training program prepares you for the next step in your life, no matter what it may be. Successful graduates are eligible to become a Certified Hypnotherapist (CH) with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest certifying organization in the field, with members and professional chapters all around the world.

If you’re concerned that you don’t have prior training in this area of expertise, there’s no need. You’ll start at the very foundation of how the mind works and move through to cover both theory as well as ‘hands on’ practice and knowledge which can be put into action immediately upon completion of the course. (A degree is not required to take this course for certification). In our work in hypnotherapy we deal with accessing our clients strengths and past experiences, which is how we help our students as well.

While we might start with the basics, we won’t stay there. Our intensive program has been refined to allow you to learn a variety of different techniques and tools to be confidently prepared that you have extensive understanding of real clients with real problems and can deal with them when you begin in this business.


The Course Outline (in Brief)

Your Comprehensive Training includes these Areas of Study plus more, to give you a working knowledge of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy:


Understanding Hypnosis and the Mind (client management and theory)

• What Hypnosis is (and isn’t) – overview and rationale
• Parts of Mind
• Tools to clarify and enhance client change
• Assessment
• Suggestion Management
• How and When to Use Hypnosis
• Different Styles of Hypnosis to best suit clients
• Relationship between Hypnosis and other Therapies

Background, Theory, and Business Skills

• History
• Vocabulary
• Rules / Laws
• Office and Aids
• Structural and business tips for running a successful office and practice
• Running courses and sessions
• Working with other professionals, and getting referrals to expand your business

The Basics of Hypnotising

• Suggestibility (testing)
• Inductions/Emerging
• Deeping / Depth Levels
• Basics of Suggestions – theory, formulation and implementation
• Ethics

Hypnosis Skills – Practical Application

• Powering up Suggestions
• Alternative Suggestions Methodologies
• Rapid/Instant Inductions
• Affect-based therapy – root and causal work such as age regression, forgiveness therapy and more
• Specific applications for hypnosis – stop smoking, weight release, child/parent support, stress management programs
• Applications for individuals, companies and groups in setting goals, overcoming barriers, and enhancing performance
• Additional advanced techniques
• Self-hypnosis (advanced and group or individual training)
• Additional supervised time for accumulated skills

“I confess I’m a course junkie, and this is probably the course with the most information and the best tracked delivery. I really admire how you were training us from your heart the whole time, your patience, and just love and desire to share everything you know so we can actually help make some changes. And I have had an amazing personal transformation. Thank you so much.” Maria K, Singapore


When there are so many Training Courses to Choose from, How do you make the Right Choice?

While I don’t believe there is one right choice for everyone, there are many reasons why successful individuals, people who are interested in enhancing their lives and knowledge like you are, decide to take Our Hypnotherapy Certification.

This is what we do. Period. Jennifer Norris-Nielsen and all support trainers are full-time Hypnotherapists with experience. With over 15 years in Counselling and Hypnotherapy, seeing thousands of individual and corporate clients, and speaking at professional symposia around the world, Jennifer is the Hypnotherapist’s Hypnotherapist. We do it because we believe in it and use it every day. So all of our training is committed to helping you do this amazing and transformational work.

We remember starting out, and have included “if I’d only known then what I know now” shortcuts so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Ever felt like you wish you’d have an owner’s manual for parts of your life? Grey Matter Network’s training course includes an avalanche of usable scripts, handouts, forms and outlines, so you don’t have to start from scratch, making it easier to focus on implementing the skills you learn in class.

We like results. And we like others to be successful. This isn’t a lead course that requires you to take another one just to be able to perform in the real world. We give you a ‘foundation plus’ so that you can start seeing clients right away, serving them well and with confidence, and seeing positive results even before you graduate. Our course seem to attract a special type of person, and our classes have always been full of dynamic, generous and bright individuals who have contributed to the learning experience, supporting success for the future of our graduates.

“In my 30 years of consulting in organisations I have been on many self development programmes – but what struck me as unique was Jennifer’s generosity with her training materials and sharing of her personal experience. Not only do you get the course materials but also Jennifer’s in house handouts with the benefit of her years of applying hypnotherapy in the real world of people’s day to day experiences. This really enables you to relax and “experience” the training secure in the knowledge that all of the “learning” is captured in her extensive material. There is also the added bonus of understanding the practical aspects of how to set up a hypnotherapy business – very practical and enlightening. It was an extremely useful 10 days of training which prepared me for immediate use with clients.” Philip M, Founder & CEO – Global Leadership Academy


You Get All the Materials You Need (and More) to Learn this Therapeutic Method and Apply it in Ways That Work

Your Tuition Includes Extensive Support Material from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), a professional standard that is accepted worldwide:

• NGH Training Manual Level I and II
• NGH Basic Scripts Pack
• Master Marketing DVD/Info Pack
• Additional Business Support Pack – Videos and Manual
• Support for Hypnotherapists – Audio/Video Package
• Chevrul’s Pendulum

And because we want to live up to our expert reputation, you’ll Get More – Advanced Techniques, Additional Books and Videos, as well as Tips and Secrets into Successful Hypnotherapy are included at No Additional Cost. You’re receiving hundreds of Dollars in Addition and Support Products just by being Our Student.

• Advanced Therapies Manual including handouts, information sheet, forms, processes and scripts
• Three Hypnotic Powers to Enhance and Enrich Your Child’s Life: A Parent’s Guide by Jennifer Norris
• 12 minutes of Calm and Control CD
• Hypnosis Introduction Support DVD by Jennifer Norris (what you need for your client’s first session)
• Audio Programs for Change, Jennifer Norris
• Therapeutic Support Videos for In-Class and After-Class Use

“There are no words to say how thankful I am and how wonderful you are as teacher, a mentor. Your profession and the passion to spread this knowledge and experience to as many people as possible reflected from your being, every single day, and how awesome that is.” Jefferson Udampoh, Indonesia

When You Successfully Complete the Programme You Will Receive (included in your tuition):

• Personalised Certificate as a Consulting Hypnotist, Certified Hypnotist or Certified Hypnotherapist from the National Guild of Hypnotists (USA)
• 12 Month Membership to the NGH, including embossed card
• The Journal of Hypnotism and Hypno-Gram publication subscriptions for the year, with new member materials
• Advanced Certification from Grey Matter Network Pte Ltd, for additional training included in the course
• Continuing Education Credits – Hour-for-hour credits are given for this course.

Note: All attendees will be prepared and tested to be qualified as a Certified Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists on completion of classes and examination.

We also Help After Graduation… So You’re Ready to Do the Work

Part of our reason for training is that we like to see our graduates succeed. Grey Matter Network strives to enhance ongoing skills and learning by providing regular meetings (using different technologies) of therapists where possible – often by Skype, with additional audio and video updates on what’s important for therapists and in the profession. This is included just because you trained wit h us!

We also offer post-course services because sometimes the hardest thing to do in a new career is take the first step. So we make it easy for you. We can provide one-on-one mentoring for those who want specific answers to get the results you want as quickly as possible. Our mentoring program assists and enhances the skills of individuals to become truly great Hypnotherapists. Our mentoring can include supervision and critique of sessions, as well as graduate-led time for questions and learning on general areas of interest or specific cases. Graduates who have used it say that it’s like rocket fuel for learning.

We encourage our graduates to hold an attitude of lifelong learning anywhere and everywhere in the profession, so we aim to keep you connected with other training and events. Jennifer also holds specialty courses for specific areas (Parenting, Sports etc) in person and online.

Because your trainer, Jennifer Norris-Nielsen limits the size of her class so she can give the best attention to her students, Now is the Time…

You can do nothing – and get the same results you’re experiencing now.

You can put off making a decision – and lose out on both our lineup of additional pre-training bonuses and discounts

You can contact us today at [email protected] – let us know you’re interested in joining us and we can let you know what training will be happening in different locations around the world.

Your Certified Instructor and Grey Matter Network Founder
Jennifer C. S. Norris-Nielsen, MGC, MSc, CI(NGH), CH

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen is founder of Grey Matter Network, a successful hypnotherapy business based in Singapore, with work expanding around the world. Her full-time practice and business acumen has made Jennifer the hypnotherapist’s hypnotherapy trainer, using real world techniques that work. Canadian-born Jennifer brings over 15 years in counselling, consulting and training to her Professional Certification Program for Hypnotherapists.

In addition to being a Certified Instructor and Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Jennifer’s dynamic combination of education and experience allows her to confidently guide and support individuals starting their journey in the exciting and rewarding field of hypnosis.

Jennifer wrote her first Masters on areas of subconscious use in business, marketing and research, and continues to expand the concept of improving the ‘corporate mind’ through group and executive programs.

Her experience as a Counsellor has expanded her insight on various helping and therapeutic methods. As a Trainer for Hypnotherapists, she has abridged this vast knowledge to present her students with the most relevant approaches to support positive change with the subconscious mind.

Jennifer is also a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (NBH), a Master Hypnotist (BHC), a certified Sports Hypnotist and is certified in HypnoBirthing® who trains Practitioners in the Basics of Hypnosis for Birth. As a result of her work in service, she was nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2006.

Jennifer is author of Three Hypnotic Powers: To Enhance and Enrich Your Child’s Life. This Parent’s Guide helps to actively explain the workings of a child’s mind, and assists in developing self-worth and ability through exercises using the power of Words, Perceptions and Feelings, and the Imagination.

As a Certified Instructor (NGH), Jennifer focuses both on the needs of her clients as well as the development and maturation of this expanding profession within Asia, and continues to work with individuals, groups and companies to increasingly make subconscious work the most relevant way to make positive change.

In the years that I’ve been doing Hypnotherapy, I’ve seen ‘miraculous’ changes in people for good, helped them transition to better health and happiness and seen them transform themselves to better suit their personal goals and wishes. I’ve also benefitted personally from being a part of positive change, exploring and discovering new ways of working and living better.

I love training others to be catalysts for change through Hypnosis. It is such a powerful yet easy tool to use. People who take this course tend to be very special people – and when provided with skills and experience they become epicenters for amazing transformations for themselves, their families and friends, in their business and personal life, and for those they support through this work.

If you have any additional questions not answered in these pages, please contact me at [email protected] It would be great for you to join us on this learning journey.

Take care and look forward to seeing you soon, Jennifer

Depending on start dates for our classroom training courses, your early action benefits you with a whole package of bonuses FREE, before the course:

What’s included:

Bonus #1: Three Videos to help you get started practicing the underlying skills of the trade that make the difference between good therapists and great therapists! Practicing these tools in your everyday life, even before you join the class, will have some surprising and positive benefits…

  • Learn how you can watch people differently to acquire invaluable skills for hypnotherapy (observation expertise)
  • Want to have ‘the hypnotic voice’? It’s easier than you think when you know how (speaking and reading competencies)

Bonus #2: Control your own mind and take even better control of your life by making hypnosis a part of your daily routine. In the class you’ll be learning a number of different approaches to self-hypnosis and how to train others, so we’ll give you some simple tools you can implement right away to enhance your health and well-being, long before the class starts (in only minutes):

  • Get the basics of self-hypnosis right – learn to modify or enhance behaviours, thoughts or feelings
  • Be guided with positive suggestions for different areas of your work and life
  • Start understanding the importance of each step you take in your self-hypnosis journey

Bonus #3: Discount for Specialty Course for your Continuing Education (post certification courses). We’re offering 50% off the cost of one live or online/dvd specialty course by your Grey Matter Network Instructors (excludes hypnosis home study and professional certification courses)

  • Courses include sports hypnosis, instant and rapid inductions specialty, hypnosis with kids, stress specialty, abundance workshop, weight for groups, hypnotic writing, supporting relationships, and other topics relevant to hypnotherapists


Why am I giving these extras? Because our 10-day intensive is already overflowing with information, skills and practice, and I want to make sure you have the reinforcement you need, before and after the course, to be the best in this rewarding and exciting field. (Jennifer)

Sign up with a friend and get a special extra bonus for both of you!

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