Emotional Issues

While negative emotions may feel like they are holding you back from having the life you want, we see them as important messages that the subconscious mind is aiming to send you to better direct your actions, thoughts and feelings for greater health and wellbeing. We know how to talk to feelings and emotions and help people work through either long-standing or more recent ‘stuff’ to help you move into a new chapter of your life.

We help people deal with worries and fears, anger, grief, despair and many other natural and understandable emotional situations, with greater ease and grace.

Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

Fears can range from general to specific issues. The feeling could be classified as a ‘phobia’, of a certain thing or specific situation. It could be something that has negatively affected you for a long-time, started suddenly or has been growing over the days, months or years.

There are many ways that fears or panic affects life. Avoiding certain situations or people who might force the negative feeling may be stopping you from experiencing the freedom you want in your life.

It may be an ever-present feeling that distracts your energy from important things going on around you. Most of the time it’s a tiring experience – even fearing about the possibility that the anxious feeling might show up again, can be a constant source of stress. What tends to make it worse is trying to cover it up and act in control when it feels anything but.

We help people who are feeling worried, nervous, fearful or even terrified. From specific fears such as public speaking, heights, flying, driving, animals/insects, trying new food/things, social situations and more, or general dread or distress over time, working with the correct part of the mind helps to make positive shifts, fast.

While it might seem unchangeable, Grey Matter Network works predominantly with the subconscious mind, the programming part of mind which holds our feelings, beliefs and habits – all of which tend to be contributors to the negative feeling of anxiety – and work through them to have new insights and perspectives to let go of this unhelpful way of thinking.

While we might realise, on an intellectual level, that our fears are unfounded, but the feeling we carry doesn’t align with that understanding. Hypnosis helps to integrate knowledge and emotions to work together to overcome perceived limitations and negative emotional blockages. This means that life’s obstacles tend to be seen in a more realistic way and that you are armed with the tools you need to handle the ups and downs of living much more calmly and be back in control.

Contact us to start letting go of this feeling that is holding you back.

Anger Management: Freedom from Angry Feelings

From mild annoyance, to blood boiling, red-faced fury – anger can raise its head at some of the most critical times in our lives.

Work Frustrations and Anger: It may be a quiet rage at the office, which puts our job at jeapordy when we express it or takes up time and energy thinking about it after work.

Broken Relationships, Fighting, Distrust or Hurts: It may be directed at a particular person – a spouse or family member, former trusted friend – who has hurt us in some way and we find that continuing the relationship in the same way is difficult, if not impossible.

Old Issues with Relationships in the Past: Or maybe the injustice happened a long time ago, and it still seems to echo in the present, affecting the way you related to others here and now, or how you feel about yourself. It feels like an old wound that hasn’t and won’t heal.

At Grey Matter Network, we work with many people to overcome their exasperation, infuriation, grudges, distrust, or anger to successfully free them from the tiring burden of this powerful emotion.

Anger is actually a good thing, even though it might not feel like it. However, the key to anger is how we respond to the injuries and hurts that we experience in our lives. Studies have shown that holding on to anger seriously and detrimentally affects our physical health. And that whether we let our tempers lash out, or hold it in!

When we work with the subconscious mind, where all of our experiences and feelings are stored (whether we consciously remember them or not), we can help shift programming that isn’t working and let go of hurts of the past so you can move into a happier and healthier chapter of your life.

Even if you’ve worked with anger issues in the past, hypnosis is one of the most powerful ways to truly change the way you feel, allow you to let go and move on, not academically but actually shift the way to perceive others and yourself.

If you’d like to be free from anger, contact us to discover how.

Despair: Hope and Positive Turnaround when You’re Feeling Down

While many things in your life may be working very well, there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right.

Maybe it’s a feeling of helplessness about a relationship or a work, home or family situation; or a hopelessness when you find the same thing happening over and over again, stopping you from being able to move on or feel good.

You might know how it started or it might be a growing or lingering feeling that seems to have started for no reason…

Grey Matter Network helps many people who feel at a loss in areas of their lives move past this feeling into a new, positive or more vibrant life chapter. Using the subconscious mind, where our emotions, beliefs and perceptions are stored, we support the redevelopment or discovery of different ways to look at and feel about life.

Dealing with all of the underlying feelings, thought patterns and personal concepts has positive repercussions on our actions and reactions to the ups and, more importantly, downs of our daily existence.

You may have tried to break through this discouraging cycle with other methods – others have discovered that hypnosis is a powerful and effectively way to work through this time of life and set a new, positive course for both the present and the future.

Take this first step to break the vicious cycle and move on.