mentoring GMN

“Little by little, through patience and repeated effort, the mind will become stilled in the Self.”

Bhagavad Gita

Give yourself the regular support of mentoring for your work (or your life)

You know when you’ve finished a course, it only means that you’ll have to start to learn outside the classroom.

It’s definitely the case with hypnosis. When we deal with the complexity of the the mind and the human condition, it is handy to have someone else to bounce ideas off of, learn tweaks or experienced ‘short cuts’, or review successes and failures with.

Sometimes it’s a valuable time to receive the gift we give so often to others, and “walk the talk” of self-care.

Currently Jennifer Norris-Nielsen is making available monthly mentoring opportunities – with all the challenges of 2020, your work is very much needed now! And I want to support you.

For a limited time I am offering a once- or twice-a-month one-to-one session at only $111 and $199 respectively.

Don’t miss this opportunity. As an Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists, this time counts towards your yearly hours for membership.

It’s simple – choose which package you’d prefer and Jennifer will contact you to arrange your first session. You’ll also get a special code so you can arrange subsequent appointments throughout the year. We’ll meetup online and cover whatever you need covered for the session.Sessions must be used 13 months following purchase – so let’s get started!

Once a Month... ONLY $111/month

Twice a month... ONLY $199/month

Want to make a full commitment for 2021 - at an even better price?

While the package may say “mental massage” it works for mentoring too!

Have greater flexibility to use the sessions when you really need them – some months more than others. And at only $1092, it works out to only $91/month (less than a coffee a day! )