One more day…

The newsyletter is early this time! But what is early, what is late? Einstein is quoted as saying “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

February this year is a ‘leap’ year, which has quite a history, it turns out. This ‘extra’ day in February was created by Julius Ceasar in 45BC and happens on every year that is divisible by four (at least the last numbers) – or for centuries 400 (which means there won’t be a leap year in 2100, by the way). It is also my half-birthday, which makes it even better to celebrate.

This event got me thinking about time – what it means, how it exists or doesn’t, and what we ‘do’ with it – in terms of the our lives and our minds.

Semantics of time

Who do you know who ‘spends’ time? Or ‘wastes’ time? While these are just words, the subconscious mind notes words in a more literal manner than the conscious mind. Think about those words again – do they suggest that time will run out? While humans tend to be moral with ‘limited’ time, the words we use can subtly affect how we approach everything we do. How would it be different if you ‘made time’ for your family, a hobby, a special project? Would that creation allow for these important things to happen? Watch yourself over the next couple days in the words you use for time – allocate, waste, spend, lose, not enough, run out of, create, make, take, save, abuse – and see if changing a word may change the way you use the times you’ve got.

Labelling Time

I remember as a little girl in school there was class time, play time, reading time, sleeping time, colouring time, lunch time… How do you label time? If there is ‘useful’ time, what would that be? And  a ‘waste of time’ means what? Confuscious is quoted as saying “Choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Looking at it that way, what would the difference be between business and pleasure? (for a fun take on this go to Sometimes we learn from others what is the best use of time, and we notice that we feel uncomfortable when we are not ‘filling’ time in the way we were taught. My family leads a full life and I’ve noticed that during ‘nothing’ times I feel I should be filling that time with something worthy – doing rather than just being happy to be. Remember, it’s never too late to learn, so I’m forcing myself (at first) to do less rather than more and take more ‘off’ time that can ‘be’ for anything or nothing. When you look at your schedule, are you allocating your time to you, others, work… might these be inherited schedules and are they relevant now? From this perspective, you might want to change your agenda.

What would you do with one more day?

I was recently watching the movie ‘Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium’ which talked about last days – if you create a special day is it so you can say ‘after today, I could die happy”, or “with a day like this, I want to keep going”. There is no right answer to that question and maybe it isn’t a choice at all, but if you had just one more day (or a short period of time), what would you do? Who would you be? What would you say to those around you (or separated from you)? What would you stop doing? Maybe it’s time to reconsider time, and get priorities desires and goals in line.

Have a great time today and Happy Lunar New Year!


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