Perfect Moment in Time

The sun is rising as I walk around the garden. The temperature is not too hot, not too cold. The vegetables surrounding me are prospering, and soon will be part of meals of freshness and deliciousness that will be served to my family. My husband brings a cup of locally-roasted, perfectly brewed coffee that smells wonderful. Perfect.

All the other ‘stuff’ seems to be eclipsed by the moment, this perfect moment. Wouldn’t it be great to have this happen over and over and over? Are there ways we can focus and direct the mind so that we can experience this type of peak experience (whatever it may be with you) for a greater portion of life? Let’s take a (perfect) moment to explore…

What are your moments of choice?

Wandering around patches of dirt and veggies may not be your idea of perfection – only you know what they are. You may discover that it’s with people (or without), in the city or country, doing something or nothing at all. Sometimes it takes a few (or more) moments of reflection to connect with what makes you at your most (fill in the blank), or feeling at your best.

You could also ask those who you hold in high esteem to find out if they have some insight. Often they may see you in situations where you ‘bloom’ – ones you might not notice yourself. Using both your internal guidance and the input of others might help you to create a selection of places, time, people, activities, emotions etc. to source from.

Elite Athletic “Peaks”

When I work with athletes on enhancing their performance, I mention that elite athletes ‘simply’ make their extraordinary performances ordinary. They perform at peak over and over again. That comes from focusing on the high points and practicing that level of ‘perfection’ over and over again. Once you have figured out your ‘environments’ where you seem to appear/work/feel at your best, you can replicate those over and over again. As the saying goes “practice makes permanent” and if you practice what you want, you can move to “perfect practice makes perfect” – a winning combination that works.

Mental visual practice is the practice that elite athletes use – tapping into the subconscious mind to boost the repetitive exposure of the mind to flawless processes and positive outcomes. The easiest time to bolster your performance in whatever you wish is to mentally practice the areas you want, perfectly, as you are waking up in the morning, or as you are drifting off to sleep.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Often we are ‘hypnotised’ into believing that one journey and destination is the ideal. Sometimes we get distracted by keeping up with what the Joneses have or are doing that we forget that that dream may not fit who we are, what strengths we possess or where we want to go. It may be difficult to come to terms with it, but many clients are chasing an idea that was set during adolescent or teen years, when movie stars, music bands and the gossip column led our decision-making process for the goals of our future.

There may be moments when we feel extremely vulnerable in jumping from one path to another. Have we lost time, money and resources by chasing someone else’s dream for so long? Maybe, but continuing along the wrong path for us is, as they say, “throwing good money after bad”. Is it daunting when we start out in forging a trail that has not been walked before? Possibly, but once we renegotiate what truly connects us with our best, then we can start locating different role models and others who have made similar changes.

Shifting from One Perfect Moment to Another

So what if there are things you ‘have’ to do – for an existing job or relationship situation – that seems less than perfect? Remember there are lessons that can be taken from many of our experiences that can be transferred to other areas. For example, a hobby or sport where you feel great, think clearly and perform at your best can serve as an example for other areas of your life.

There is a saying by Henry Ford which I often use which goes roughly, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” Sometimes the head space we put ourselves in limits our ability to create moments where we can draw on all our greatest powers from within. Sometimes we simply need to remind ourselves, as thoroughly and realistically in our minds, who we are at our best, in ideal situations (ideal just for us), when we experience perfect moments. From there, we can use our subconscious minds to take from that and link it to other aspects of our lives. By doing so we not only expand our locus of control, but increase the ease and flow of our days and nights.


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