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Our five audio series supports you to establish a new relationship with your mind and memory, enhance your mental habits prior to tests which flow into the testing environment, release blocks that may be stopping you from doing well in tests, mental practices that will leave you feeling confident and in control of your capacity and understanding, and the ability to build on that learning for future success. Click on the orange product title to learn more...

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Learn to get centered and calm, focused and directed - quickly, powerfully and easily with these simple yet effective tools. The personal pack is for people who want simple and effective ways to access the powerful subconscious and make positive changes - includes a workbook/skills builder and six audios for self care. The professional pack, created for the mental health and helping professions, includes a self-care workbook, six self-support audios, and a 90 minute professional presentation by Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, to help your clients/students and yourself. Both packages make sure you can get relaxing, energizing, shifting and supporting yourself right away! [Click on the orange product title to find out more!]

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Learn to bring the power of storytelling and metaphors into your practice. This professional package of three books includes "Using Stories in Your Practice" which gives you the foundations for honing stories into therapeutic tools; "Becoming a Storyteller" enhances your untapped abilities to use metaphors with greater confidence and proficiency; and "7 Universal Metaphors" which gives you professionally tested and successful stories that work for a wide range of clients and issues with tips on how to adapt them to your particular needs. [Click on the orange product title to learn more!]

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