Rapid and Instant Inductions Intensive

8 Lecture/Practice Hours

While rapid and instant inductions may seem like something that has just stepped off the stage, these introductions to hypnosis are extremely powerful and can support a part of the client community where other methods have failed. From analytic clients to late night sessions to needing to shake up a patterned therapeutic relationship, these additions to your toolbox of skills can positively influence your ability to support your clients in new ways. By using and ‘owning’ these options, students and therapist tend to increase their overall confidence in practice.

We’ll be covering the following areas:

  • Background and Uses of Rapid and Instant Inductions
  • Components of Rapid Inductions
  • Physiological changes happening through the process
  • Cautions for doing this work
  • Advantages to speedy inductions
  • Including Rapid and Instant Inductions in Therapy
  • Practice, practice, practice – learn new inductions and get comfortable (fast!)

Prerequisite: Foundations hypnosis training or higher

$150 – manual and materials with continuing education for LPC, LMFT, LSW