Change Just Got Easier (Audio and Video) – Thanks for REconnecting!

You might have heard “It’s me, not you” and this time it’s true! I’m so glad to hear from you again since I’ve been ‘off’ the usual schedule of writing and connecting.

There’s a lot of fun stuff in store over the next couple months, but we’re still only going to have 1-2 emails a month (unless you want more – we’ll give opportunity later!) so you can continue to learn more about how your mind works and how to support it for the best change for you.


Here are the bonuses for reconnecting! It’s an easy ‘self hypnosis’ technique that I’ll explain about (and why it’s really successful) as well as an audio that gives you about 5 minutes to help you tap into your greater health and wellbeing.

Bonus 1: Video on “Warm Hands”

Why do you call this technique “warm hands” and why does it work so well to calm and centre me?

Watch the video below (apologies for the scary screenshot!):


Bonus 2: “Warm Hands” Audio

You can listen to this audio here or download it to use whenever you want it. It is only 5 minutes long – please do not listen to this audio when you need to focus or concentrate on something else (driving and operating heavy machinery are ones that always seem to come up!)


So it was just my (Jennifer’s) birthday recently and I wanted to make sure YOU got a present. Until October 6th, My 5-session Package is on for HALF PRICE (or 50% 0ff to celebrate my big birthday). Only US$475!

They are valid for a year from purchase so you’ll have lots of time to use them. You can ‘stack’ them (more than one) so you can give yourself regular ‘self-care’ time (like a mental massage). Or you can give them to the people you care about (Early holiday shopping? Contact me directly to work out the details!)

Click here to link to take advantage of the deal now and schedule your first meeting

Bonus 4: Want More?

Over the next couple weeks, I’ll send a follow-up email to see how you’re doing. I’ve got so much good stuff to help with changes, I want to send more. When I connect with you I might have a couple questions to make sure I can give you the opportunities you need to be even more successful in your life. So you can expect some additional bonuses coming up.

If you have ANY questions, please contact me directly at [email protected]

Thanks again for stopping by and ENJOY! Jennifer