RETHINC! the way you start 2007

I know it is a little early for talk about 2007, but by the time I write again in January, you’ll have already started the New Year. So there’s no time to lose!

I’ve started to RETHINC a bit, and though you might be thinking that I haven’t got my spell-check on, I’ll explain…

RETHINC! 2007 is part of the Hypnosis Month celebrations going on in Singapore. Hypnosis Month Singapore starts on World Hypnotism Day, which is January 4th, and runs until February 4th. It is an occasion where Hypnotherapists and Hypnotists around the country (and the world) present information  and courses that are relevant to the change process of the subconscious mind. Very exciting. RETHINC! is one way we’re shaking things up a bit so that you can have an outstanding 2007.

RETHINC! stands for Realise Every Thought Helps Increase Natural Change – really? Really. Can a single thought change your life? 

Thought Creates Reality

Vergil said “Mens Agitat Molem” or “Mind Moves Matter” and I believe it. If you’ve ever been thinking about someone and they’ve given you a call, or you wanted something and – poof – there it was (or there was the information to get it), you’ll know what I mean. For others, if you’ve ever been aiming to buy something, you’re awareness on that particular thing is heightened and you notice similar things to it with greater frequency. This is true in everyday life – what you look for you tend to find, so look for the good. Because there may be lots of annoying, difficult, negative people in the world – IF YOU LOOK FOR THEM. There may be lots of stress, missed opportunities, or regrets– IF YOU FOCUS ON THEM.

But wouldn’t it be nice to create a reality where people are kind, helpful and positive, and where there are more than enough resources and support for you to have the life you want and need. You attract what you focus on – your thoughts create your particular reality (this is the law of attraction at it’s best – or worst – depending on where you’re looking). If you haven’t seen “The Secret” documentary/movie, you’ll be doing yourself a favour to watch it (we’ll also be showing it during Hypnosis Month).

You Can Create a Positive Virus for Good

Marketers are always trying to create ‘viral’ campaigns. What does that mean? It’s when a product or service is talked about and championed by the people who buy it – so that it doesn’t need the full force (or money) of an advertising campaign. An added bonus is that people tend to believe other people rather than a paid advertisement, so the ‘virus’ becomes even more impactful.

Seth Godin writes about this and has a ‘book’ in PDF format called 99 Cows which is a perfect example of this (write me at [email protected] if you want a copy). We can create ‘viral’ changes in our world all the time, based on our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and our interaction with others. Wouldn’t it be nice to start a positive virus to help yourself and others do, feel and be better – mentally, physically, and emotionally?

It’s Easy – Start Here.

When you realise that all your thoughts have impact on your life – and the life of those around you – it starts to get serious. You want to spread the ‘good’ word rather than the ‘bad’ but how do you do it? Grey Matter Network, in conjunction with Hypnosis Month Singapore, has created a PDF package of positive, and transferable, thoughts. These are ‘business cards’ you can print up and pass out to as many people as you want. That concerned looking person in the bus – make her day. The colleague you respect or admire but never mentioned those strengths out loud – send him a note and make his month. Your teen who appears to have poisonous spines on at the moment – follow the directions and make his year (or her life). There is no rocket science here – just a first simple step in changing thoughts to the positive, and reaping the rewards of turning a vicious into a virtuous virus for good. 

You Can Start Living the Life You Want

Decide today that 2007 is going to be the turnaround year for you. That’s all you have to do. Hold that thought powerfully in your mind and it will become a reality. Be one of the first people to download the RETHINC! cards at (the HMS site and the PDFs should be up by the middle of next week – bear with us). Visit the Hypnosis Month Singapore site for all the courses and talks that can help you start on a new path at the beginning of the new year. Tell someone you are grateful for them being a part of your life. Hug a child. Have a great year!

Need last minute Christmas presents? We’ve got ones that fit mentally, physically, and emotionally!!!

Gift Certificates – Give the gift of change to someone you care about – for courses, or sessions or products, just let us know – the gift certificates come in a simple card that will suit almost anyone.

Books, Cards – there are more coming in 2007. We still have our popular “Three Hypnotic Powers” Parent’s Guide, and “Words of Love” Cards for Parents and Children – call us to pick up these great stocking stuffers. We’ll have even more selection next year.

Take care and all the best for the end of 2006. RETHINCing about you,



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