Seven Super Suggestions in September

September always reminds me of new starts – back-to-school books and clothes, the beginning of new grades, new levels, new potential… At the same time, when you look around, the mooncakes are selling like hotcakes and there are harvest events happening all around town as well as end-of-season celebrations.

September is a lot about starting out and planting new seeds, and at the same time, reaping what we’ve sown, so I thought that a few suggestions might get your beginnings and ends, started and finished…

  1. “Sow good services; sweet remembrances will grow from them.” Mde. de Stael. That means in thought, word and deed – whether it is dealing with colleagues or family, kindness and patience will usually bear rewarding fruits. As energetic beings, what thoughts we put out will be returned to us – make them good.
  2. Start Your Day Right (again). Maybe your Monday isn’t working out as you had planned – then start it again. Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine the mood, results and situations that you want for the day – things might just turn around. And for tomorrow morning, make a quick date for positive thoughts even before you get out of bed – instead of “oh no, not another Tuesday…” replace them with “a lot of great and exciting things are going to happen today, all for the best.” and see what super things come your way…
  3. Put an end to labels. Be aware of your thoughts. If you tell yourself or others “I’m a procrastinator” or “I can’t do sports”, then you’ll believe what you say and will live up (or down) to the expectation. You aren’t the same today as you were yesterday, so start supporting positive changes by changing the labels (at least start making changes to something  like “I was never good at deadlines in the past but am changing that NOW”)
  4. Stop bad habits and start good ones in the privacy of your own mind. Join a Self-Hypnosis class (in person or online). In only one day you can learn a practice that will help you make great changes in your life.
  5. Write a commitment and start the “New You”. Whatever outcomes you want in the next week, month, year, decade… write them down today. “If you have dream you wish to make come true simply put a time limit on it.  A dream is always a dream until you place a time limit on when this will happen in your life. Then you have a goal which you can easily reach…” Michael R. Weir Ch. Remember, if you don’t ask, the answer is no…
  6.  Stop sabotaging yourself and start an Abundant Life. Join our Abundance Workshops to learn the tools needed to make changes to put you on the path of abundance (financially or otherwise).
  7.  Start kids off to a positive new term. If you know of any school-going kids, give them your verbal support. Tell them how great they are rather than pointing out the negatives (because they ARE super, just sometimes make mistakes like the rest of us). What we focus on expands, so give them a hand – kids are like sponges and what we say gets sucked right in. Kids that are told they are smart and creative and wonderful have a better chance of turning out that way. A friend of mine, when his daughter accidentally spilled milk all over his suit at the breakfast table, instead of saying “boy, you are clumsy”, said “some day I’m sure you’ll be graceful”, planting a seed for something positive in the future. Almost sounds too simple but give it a shot, they only have something to gain from it.

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