Therapeutic Storytelling & Universal Metaphors

Discover the power of metaphors to support learning & change, and hone your skills for creating & sharing stories

One-day Intensive:
Training for: Counsellors, Coaches, Psychologists, Teachers/School Counsellors, Therapists, Hypnotherapists, and people in the Mental Health and Helping Professions. No hypnosis pre-requisite for this course.

What power exists in the telling of stories? When we tap into the deeper part of the mind using our imagination and metaphors, we can shift existing patterns and enhance learning.

This course will deal with both the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of telling stories, and will help you feel more comfortable including metaphors in your daily communication through exercises and practice during the class.

I loved your presentation. I am teaching future social workers and counselors at a community college. Your metaphors are awesome for helping them deal with career/school decisions as well as stress. Kelly

You’ll also discover seven metaphors that work for a multitude of different clients/ students and issues, so that you have a small number of powerful stories to practice and perfect. These stories will help to deal with issues of moving forward, making choices, letting go, shifting patterns, improving performance, as well as caring and supporting the change process itself. These are adaptable to adults, children, teens, groups, and within different contexts making them easy to learn and readily available when needed.

Thanks so much. I found it really helpful and felt very energized through the discussion of your ideas. Cynthia

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Course Instructor Jennifer C S Norris-Nielsen

Jennifer has been guiding and training others in change for over 15 years. With her company Grey Matter Network, she has practiced in the counseling and hypnotherapeutic profession helping clients, groups and other professionals to achieve their goals and feel great while doing so.

Canadian-born Jennifer has lived and worked around the world and understands the uniqueness of different individuals and the connection that we call share.

As a Hypnotist Trainer and Practitioner, Jennifer intimately knows the power and challenges of the different parts of the mind, working with them and helping others to learn how to use their own internal resources and advanced skills to help others align themselves and move forward into a easier, better and more contented chapter of life – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Jennifer is Board Certified and has a Masters in Counseling. She has specialized and taught others on the topics of sports and academic performance, relationship support, Hypnobirth and fertility, and is author of the Parent’s Guide “Three Hypnotic Powers: to Enhance and Enrich Your Child’s Life.”

Jennifer speaks extensively and loves the ease and grace and energy hypnosis offers others.


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