Sports and Athletic Hypnosis

8 Lecture/Practice Hours

As famous baseball player Yogi Berra said, “half this game is 90 percent mental.” This is true of many sports, and hypnosis can help.

Learn how to talk with both amateur and elite athletes, individuals and teams in this specialist intensive. During this course, we’ll be looking at case studies, applying relevant scripts and sports-related mental exercises, but will also give suggestions for enhancing your business with this specialty. We’ll be covering the following areas:

  • background and history of sports hypnosis
  • performance enhancement vocabulary
  • areas of focus for sports hypnosis and clients
  • motivation
  • mindset and focus
  • energy management
  • goal setting for athletes
  • self-talk/ mental toughness
  • visualizations and mental rehearsal
  • training vs trusting mind
  • and other relevant subjects associated with athletes and their needs!

You’ll be led in this one-day intensive by Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, who brings her deep understaind of hypnosis and over 12 years supporting athletes with a wide range of sports and specialties.

Saturday, October 17th – 9am to 6pm – Austin Texas

Prerequisite: Foundations hypnosis training or higher

$150 – manual and materials with continuing education for LPC, LMFT, LSW


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