Live Love

Am I going to start singing “Age of Aquarius”? No. But I am aiming to be a champion of love for you in the next year and beyond. I remember reading “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sander almost 20 years ago, and his ideas on sharing knowledge, networks and compassion struck a cord wit

Nearest and Dearest

So, February is the month of lurve… Have you noticed that sometimes the people who are closest to you are sometimes the people who are the most difficult to love? Or maybe you’re just not ‘feeling it’ for yourself – you’re not *this* enough, or too *that* – and it doesn’t feel l

Love Games?

You’re an adult. When on earth do you have times to play games? You need to keep your nose to the grindstone and keep at it… and what’s love got to do with it? Stuart Brown, MD, in his book Play likens play to oxygen, “…it’s all around us, yet goes mostly unnoticed or unappreciated un

Romance *with* Your Office?

While I love my work, I know that many people have a more tenuous relationships with their job. It might be certain aspects of the job, that there is a lot of ‘have to’ instead of ‘want to’ work, or it may be issues with management, colleagues or employees. So what do you do about it?