Hypnotherapy Home Study

Learn Hypnotherapy at Home and Become a Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist at a Flexible Pace, Wherever You Are

Imagine learning a skill that can support your family, friends and community, add influence and energy to your current work, or open yourself to an enriching full-time or flexible career…

Imagine learning this skill in a way that fits into your busy schedule, yet with the personal attention from a Hypnotherapy practitioner, instructor and specialist, so you can focus on what you need and want to learn…

The Hypnotherapy Home Study Course brings learning right to you. With the flexibility of self-study added to the accountability and support of group sessions, this hands-on training will benefit anyone interested in taking back control of their subconscious mind for positive change and to help others to do so, too. Successful graduates of this training are welcomed into the world’s largest and oldest hypnosis certifying organization: The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH – USA)

The Details:

Upcoming class start date: February 27, 2021

Completion time: 10 weeks (end May 2021)

Cost: Special rate (until January 21): $1996
(UP $2995)

Certification: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH); Grey Matter Network (GMN)



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Why Hypnotherapy at Home?

The global pandemic has changed the way we connect and learn, yet has in no way reduced the need for trained individuals in the helping profession. Your trainer has been helping people make positive changes in their lives for 18 years, many of them online as families move yet still want someone they know or trust to help guild them through the process of change. It is the same way with distance learning, and because we use the power of the subconscious mind in our virtual classroom, your ability to grasp and use concepts becomes even easier.

This 100 hour course gives you all the theory and practical information and skills you need to become an internationally recognized Hypnotherapist/Hypnotist.

In a face-to-face world, the classroom sessions usually take 10-days, which means that students have to find the course, arrange for accommodations or transportation, and block out a long period of time out of their daily schedule.

Our Home Study program has been deconstructed so that you still get exposure to all the information, interaction with classmates, as well as one-to-one time with the instructor, rocketing your learning to an even higher level of competency, while keeping the time flexible to fit your busy schedule.

Listen to what Erin thought of her experience and start your journey to become a successful hypnosis graduate now!

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There are several components to the class:

1. Online Video Sessions

These recorded sessions include the basics theory for beginner to advanced techniques. While we can make adjustments to your timing, our ‘class’ suggests that you complete one”day” every week – with assignments and practice. This is where you’ll get fundamentals in a variety of areas on subconscious work.

2. Group “Class” Sessions

While your classmates might be around the world, you’ll all be in the same learning boat. We arrange these sessions so that you can explore and exchange experiences, as well as have practice time with someone online (so that you have experience even before you graduate). This is a great place to swap stories and ask questions, share your successes and challenges in a safe group environment.

3. Private one-to-one sessions with Jennifer Norris-Nielsen

The personal attention you’ll get with Jennifer accelerates the learning process. This is a deep dive of the content matter from a practicing therapist. These sessions (one per “day” – that’s 10 total!) are where even more magic happens.

4. “Diamond Sessions” with other practicing Hypnotists

The Grey Matter NETWORK brings people from around the world to chat about subjects that are relevant, update skills, and exchange techniques that help new hypnotists gain insight from experienced professionals. It also allows for a time when we can confidentially support each other in our usually independent work.

There are two specific benefits to training using the Hypnotherapy Home Study system – schedule flexibility and personal attention.

These sessions are all focused on you, with our individual attention on your needs and wants during the learning period.

What’s included in the course?

You get digital/online content with supporting manuals and materials that guide you along your path of learning…

Course Package Materials:

The following course materials will help you understand the theory and support you in the practice of hypnosis as well as assist you in developing your hypnosis business.  You will be accessing your material online (instructions on downloading to follow) during the course, so you’ll be able to collect the information as you need it during your studies. Some of the material will be referred to during the class sessions, while others are reference information for your personal and professional development.

Videos for 10-Day Course: Each day will be made up of video files you can download to your computer. Each day is, for the most part, made up of four video parts ranging in length between 1.5 and 2 hours (except for Day 8 with three files and Day 10 with two). These videos will make up the bulk of your “classroom” time. Client case studies are included in these videos. Discover what you’ll learn on each day…

Handouts, Scripts and Books: You will have a wide variety of information on theory, worksheets, as well as scripts and techniques for practice, provided via pdf that you can use throughout your class.

Comprehension Reviews: To assure that you are participating and understand the material discussed over the days, you’ll have access to reviews that will also serve as discussion jump-off points for your meetings with your class and instructor.

Hypnosis Explained: This can be your “Pre-Talk Video” you use with clients. We’ll be going over all the aspects mentioned in this introduction to hypnosis and the mind during your first day of class and you can continue to use it once you are doing the work upon graduation. This video is less than 20 minutes long.

Supplementary Videos: In addition to your classroom time, you also have hours of bonus material to supplement the course. These include classroom examples of therapy, media clips, and student practice and presentations. These additional hours are not required for the course, but are strongly recommended so that you have additional insight and more of a perspective and experience in the “classroom setting”.

Articles Folders: Including Hypnosis in the Media, Research Articles, and Articles on Client Issues and more.

Marketing and Business Information Pack: Our aim is to help you do good, yet also do well. So we support you with additional material to help you establish your practice.

Self-Hypnosis Pack and Deepening Track: When you learn self-hypnosis during the course, there will be a suggestion that you listen to a deepening audio. This audio will help deepen your practice of self-hypnosis and can be used in supporting clients in their self-hypnosis practice as well. This audio is about 12 minutes long.

Hypnosis Audios: For your reference, you have a number of examples of hypnosis subject areas recorded. And when you learn self-hypnosis during the course, you’ll have the support you need with a deepening track. These audios will give you an idea of what you can do to support your clients with direct suggestion recordings.

And that’s not including all the live classes and personal sessions you’ll be getting throughout the training. It’s a lot – but in a good way!

Certification into the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH): students who successfully complete the training program join the oldest and largest certifying body in the business – so you will be part of an international institution recognized worldwide.

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