Understand the lingo of your emotions: Mending “Broken” Memories? Newsletter Bonus

Here is a short exercise that you can imagine or follow to support you in releasing some of the memories that may no longer be lifting you up or moving your forward (or doing the exact opposite, in fact). These are in addition, not in replacement of getting the support of a profession when you need help. If you’re interested in participating in others, you can explore You’ve got choices and Tell a story to set it free.

Understand the lingo of your emotions

If destructive emotions are temporary  once we get the meaning and message from them, it may be worthwhile to understand their significances and what they are looking for.

  • Anger searches for justice and fairness.
  • Grief and Sadness looks for a replacement for something or someone lost (or an important concept)
  • Shame requires us to review our views of our own value and sense of self.
  • Guilt asks us to review our own actions to see how we may care for ourselves and others.
  • Stress begs us to review our lives and our resources to see if we are realistic in our schedule and priorities.
  • Fear reminds us to review our safety and security realistically.


There are more emotional indicators that can help us in working through past memories. If you have a question, please contact [email protected] – we’ll be happy to provide answers. Getting the support of someone to create an understanding and healthy distance from your memories can often save you resources that you might otherwise be using on holding on to the past. If you want to be free, please make an appointment so you can get started on your new path in life.

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