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This is round 4 of the August newsletter. In a flurry of excitement near the end of the month, I start on a number of fantastic ideas relating to the mind, let them all grow a bit and then cull a few and end (hopefully) with the strongest one. However, my valiant attempts at supportive prose have been thwarted by the loss of drafts on thumb-drives and (gasp) my Mac crashing. I’m not particularly ‘good’ at technical glitches that waylay my attempts at doing things, but I believe I’m taking it very well… possibly because this provides me with another subject to consider the hardware and software of the mind.


GIGO stands for ‘garbage in, garbage out’. In the past, computers were much less forgiving – if you deleted something, it didn’t ask “Are you sure you want to delete” and just did it. Well, that’s the way with your mind – when you tell it to do something, right or wrong, helpful or hurtful, it does exactly what you say. If you send garbage to your mind – negative thoughts or negative feelings, expectations for the worst to happen, or beliefs that you aren’t enough, or there isn’t enough for you, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. The translation is always perfect, even when the words you use might not be what you wanted in the first place.

Sometimes there’s a bigger reason for it

Sometimes a computer will go into ‘safe’ mode because it has been attacked by a virus or some sort of shock to the computer’s integrity. It might shut down unexpectedly because there is something that it has to protect to keep the whole machine running over the long term. This happens also with our body and mind. Sometimes we ignore or push away people, potential situations or thoughts because they might hurt us too much, or make us feel badly. Sometimes even parts of our body will ‘freeze’ to save the integrity of the person – like a nervous stomach becoming an ulcer instead of dealing with fears that might be too great for the individual. Often times we don’t realize the real reason for the glitches that happen and can only hope that their occurrence is averting a bigger catastrophe (but sometimes this isn’t exactly the case).

Sometimes we need to restart/reboot

There are times when we need to take a break, shut the systems down, pause for a short while and then start again. I know in my history with computers and technical things, I often have to give some distance to the dysfunctional machine and leave it off for a while before I can approach the situation again. Similarly, the mind sometimes needs some space away from cognitive (conscious) thinking and rationalizing to work out what’s really going on, or be in a position to tackle the job of true problem-solving. Many people see this as avoiding, but creating space for the subconscious and the unconscious to work out issues can sometimes be like taking a nice deep breath and giving much needed perspective.

When you know what you’re looking for, it’s easier to find

I know that a few days ago I had some problems with the sms service – it wouldn’t start. With a few keystrokes, Susie solved the issue and it got it going easily. I know that I would have had to ‘restart’ and hope for the best, while her knowledge enabled her to do something far more effectively.  It was just that I didn’t know how to fix it (at the time). Sometimes talking with someone else or finding someone who approaches a problem differently, or has some technical knowledge can help you get the information on how to ‘fix’ things more easily – so you know for yourself the next time. If I lived in my own technical world without assistance, I’d be back to papyrus and brushes, I’m sure! So I have my techies that help me in this field. Remember, there may be others who can help when you’re having difficulty, whatever the situation. (You may be a ‘techie’ for someone else at some time).

Thank goodness for it, in spite of the glitches!

In spite of the fluster all these technical issues cause me, I’m so glad to be living with this technology at this time. How else would I connect with so many wonderful people scattered around the world, with such efficiency and ease. While there may be setbacks, in the end, I’m able to do many more different things with technology than without. So it is with the mind, that I send a wave of gratitude to my computer, thank my computer-like subconscious for creating this piece and wish you all a happy August.

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