What Resolution Are You?

The end of the year is coming up fast, and people often want the new year to be the one when they finally make the changes they need and want. Who wouldn’t want to move closer at their goal and dreams, right?

But often this doesn’t end up being the case. Resolutions are made and broken or not made at all. Yet how people approach their new year resolutions and how they succeed may have a very strong link. And for those who, in the past, have not found it easy, please read on.

My job using hypnosis to access that deeper, more change-able, part of mind can help, no matter how many triumphs or attempts you’ve made. And when I meet with individuals, I’m able to craft a way to approach the subconscious mind in a way that makes it easiest to clear blocks, discover resources and accept suggestions that work from the inside out. When I write, it’s a little more tricky…

To help me to direct my message to you in a way that may best work for you – with tips that might be most helpful right now as you choose and aim for goals – I’ve written a few statements and questions about resolutions. I’m using some approaches from Gretchen Rubin’s book “The Four Tendencies”, because it seemed to understand the challenges as well as the approaches that might break any cycle of resolution failure – added to hypnosis – as a it’s a powerful combo.

If one of these sentences speaks to you, please click on the link and it will take you to a number of points that will better serve your motivation with approaches that may feel a lot easier for you. I want you to succeed in 2018 and I’m here to help.

I like a new year and a new start, and usually can ‘just do’ resolutions for the most part. 
I think making changes is good, but why January 1st? There’s often a better date to start a change.
I usually fail at resolutions. Why make them if I can’t keep them? 
Why commit to a resolution? I want to be free to change how I want, when I’m ready.
I don’t understand why people have some much trouble sticking to resolutions.
It’s a lot of work to figure out which resolution justifies my time and energy. 
I sometimes make a resolution with someone else to help us stay on track.
I’ll make a resolution if it works with who I am, not what others want or expect of me. 

Enjoy – and let me know how you feel about your ‘results’…

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