What Tune’s in You Head

I admit it. I have an ‘Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive’ playlist on my Ipod.

It starts with a Bing Crosby song by the same name, followed by songs like “Beautiful Day”; “Good Day, Sunshine”; “Wonder”; “Eye on the Prize”; “Keeping the Faith”; “Because We Can”; “I Can See Clearly Now”… you get the idea. And I listen to it in the mornings when I’m heading off to work and it feels a bit too ‘early’ to me… many of you probably know that feeling as well sometimes.

I also play it when I’ve stepped into mud, have nearly been run over by a driver that hasn’t even heard of the “courtesy” driving campaign (let alone the ‘safe ‘ one), or when I’ve forgotten my daytimer with ‘all’ the things I needed to remember at the grocery store.

They’re just a few songs, but they seem to work a kind of magic that turns a possibly negative downward spiral back on the level and often puts a smile on my face. Some of these songs are like a shorthand for what I want and need in my life – they help me change my perspective on what’s going on around me, and in turn shifts my actions and reactions… my results, moods and destinations. Even when I forget my Ipod, I can still play them over in my mind and it’s just about the same – they still make me smile.

Something as simple as a song can change my tune. Something as simple as a story can do it too…

Recently I got a note from a participant in one of my courses. She had just submitted an article to a magazine that had not only accepted it but the magazine asked her to write a series of articles.

Now, it’s pretty important to understand that one of the first communications I had with her was with the question “is there a lot of writing in the course, because I’m not good at that.” Boy, she’s changed her tune, and I’m SO proud of her. And I’m so happy to hear about it.

I’m lucky because I see positive changes happen all the time in my office. But it isn’t enough, just to see people leaving the office lighter, brighter, humming a new tune for life.

I think that it’s time to sing along, OUT LOUD, with your new, positive tune. It is time to actually WRITE a testament to something that you’ve done recently that you’re feeling good about, proud about, joyful about.

I’ve received a few ‘success stories’ from clients recently, so this is definitely a natural movement that can easily build speed. Take a moment and think about something that you’ve done that you need to pat yourself on the back for, to toot your own horn.

Ok, you may be saying to yourself. So, I’ve got a successful, happy tune floating around in my head. Why should I share it with others?

1. The mind loves learning through stories

The stories we tell in the privacy of our own mind tend to be realised. When you write down or tell a story, it consolidates the learnings that you’ve achieved and puts it into a nice package that the mind can use as a reference, file and guide for ‘success’ that can be subsequently built on for future forays and adventures.

You see the great thing is that this doesn’t just benefit you – because the mind can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality, the successes and positive tunes of others can transfer to your reality as well. If they can do it, so can I – just keep that attitude, and you’ll be surprised how the short messages of inspiration from others can shift a sad chant to a bouncy little number.

2. You’ll make it ‘real’

“A worry shared is a worry halved. A celebration shared is a celebration doubled…” you’ve probably had an experience of telling someone else something that you’ve been thinking about, experiencing alone, or working through (whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’) – and it seems to become more tangible when you did it. I’ve already spoken about new year’s resolutions needing to be written to get full commitment and attention from the mind – and it seems to be the same with celebrating successes. Make it concrete, put it down on paper, share it so it can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled…

3. It can be the first song on a pretty impressive playlist

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Once I get groovin’ to a positive tune, I’m more apt to enjoy the next one even more, or look for other songs that give me that ‘good feeling’ feeling… Once you start with one successful story, you start to notice other successes. That keeps the record playing. And you’ve got them to bring out and listen to again when sad songs are playing all around you.

Whether it was accomplished through the help of hypnosis or not, it doesn’t matter. If you have surmounted an obstacle, been courageous in starting something new or challenging, or have just noticed some good things about the world that you glossed over earlier, I’d like to hear about it.

Go on, send it in to [email protected] – whether the success is something others know about, or is something that only you experienced, whether it is on a global shift level or only affects those nearest and dearest to you, whether it’s the first of its kind or the thousand and first – it’s all important. Share and double your personal successes – sing your own positive melody, toot your own horn, make a joyful noise!

While you and your mind will gain so much internal benefit from writing down your successes, we aren’t above bribing you as well. For the first 5 who share their successes, there’s a little bonus in it for you (no, I’m not going to tell you what it is – it’s a surprise). As I said before, however you achieved your new tune, I’d love to hear about it! Now, back to my playlist…

Have a wonderful month – can’t wait to hear from you.


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