About Jennifer

Jennifer Norris-NielsenGMN Founder – Jennifer C. S. Norris-Nielsen

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen is founder of Grey Matter Network. Canadian-born Jennifer is a self-professed “Renaissance Woman”, who focuses in life, learning and change in a wide variety of ways. She brings over 15 years in counselling, consulting and training to her work.

Her diverse educational and career history has reinforced how different perspectives can be used to connect with individuals and groups in meaningful ways, and how the construction of relevant programs will best suit different backgrounds and experiences.

After executing corporate and personal development courses and seminars – including motivation, creativity and change management – Jennifer realised that often what is taught by conventional ‘conscious mind’ classroom or training methods isn’t necessarily learned over the long-term, or may be learned but not implemented. Her studies indicated that a whole-brain approach was one of the fundamental keys to long-term change and growth.

Jennifer formalised this understanding by completing her Certification as a Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the world’s oldest and largest hypnosis organization, and is Board Certified. She is also a certified Sports Hypnotist and is a certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner. Jennifer is trained as a Counsellor. As a result of her work in service, she was nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise Award 2006.

Jennifer is author of Three Hypnotic Powers: To Enhance and Enrich Your Child’s Life. This Parent’s Guide helps to actively explain the workings of a child’s mind, and assists in developing self-worth and ability through exercises using the power of Words, Perceptions and Feelings, and the Imagination.
Jennifer wrote her first Masters on areas of subconscious use in business, marketing and market research, and continues expand the concept of improving the ‘corporate mind’ through group and individual programmes.

As a Certified Instructor (NGH), Jennifer focuses both on the needs of her clients as well as the development and maturation of this expanding profession within Asia, and continues to work with individuals, groups and companies to increasingly make subconscious work the most relevant way to make positive change.