A purposeful and powerful march

The great thing about March is that it isn’t just a month, it’s a way of moving. You’ve all heard of marching – a long, hard march; quick march; musical march; marching in formation; time marches on. Lately, I’ve had marching on the mind – the way we do it in our heads, and how it affects our lives.

1. Who’s actually marching?

When looking at the mind, the conscious mind is the one that decides to start marching in a particular direction (I need to get from point A to point B). It also rationalises where we are now (Well, I’m in this position because of…). However, it is the subconscious/unconscious that’s actually marching. It is like a foot soldier who does what’s instructed – to a ‘T’. You, and the influencers around you, are the commanding officer. Your words, thoughts and imagination are the ‘orders’ that the soldiering subconscious mind marches to. Whether good or bad, they will be followed. Listen to yourself and see where you’re heading yourself.

2. Your march is all your own

While we’re all marching together along this life, the time right now is your own march. It is your time to choose and march the path that is your very own life. There have been many paths marched before, from ancient civilisations to role models of the past, but this is yours. It is not the path of your family or friends – while there may be choices of paths worn by the marchers before, you still have to make the final choice of where you march. We literally have to march to the beat of our own drummer, our heart, because we are different from everyone else who came before and who will follow.

3. What if you march on the wrong path?

Many people, myself included, have accidentally marched down some wrong paths/alleys/experiences at some point. Often, later when we get off that path, on our own or through the help of others, we say, “Oh why did I march all that way, the wrong way? – I wasted so much time and energy”. While it might feel like a waste, the real waste is when we realise that we’ve been marching the wrong way and still keep going (towards the edge of a cliff or worse.). When we open our eyes to errors in direction, forgiving ourselves our misguidance helps to release us to find a connecting link to the ‘right’ marching place – through our own internal change, or through the help of others. Once you decide to change your march, you’ll begin to discover the way to do it.

Have a wonderful and moving month.

All my best,

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