Are Your Sitting Comfortably

Then we’ll begin… to make you feel less comfortable.

What’s this all about? Isn’t the point of subconscious work and self-change to make you feel MORE comfortable? Yes. And No. Often when we decide to make a change it’s because what we’re doing isn’t working, so it means that the rut that we’ve found ourselves in has to be surmounted – and that often takes some effort. Sometimes when we make a shift it feels uncomfortable, because it is new and unfamiliar. And with a new year e-merging (more about that later), it’s as good a time as any to get uncomfortable for your next step. As E. M. Forster is quoted, “we must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.”

Frogs in Warming Pans

While I don’t condone this experiment, have you heard about the theory that a live frog dropped into hot water will hop back out, but one sitting in heating water will just remain there until it is too late? Most of us have been sitting in our warming water for some time now and hardly even notice that the situation was created out of small incremental shifts that we might have mistakenly thought of as cosily familiar rather than a fiery discomfort. While the situations we have found ourselves in may be more an evolution than a ‘big bang’, let’s pretend the latter. If a negative thought, feeling or pattern started in a snap, from being a good situation to the one you’re in now, how high would you jump (remember the frog)? If some choice or control were suddenly taken away from you (as is often the case with bad habits or situations, just not suddenly) what would you be willing to do to dig yourself out? If the days, months or years were suddenly condensed, what would be the gap between what you have and what you want? These may be uncomfortable questions to ask, but in the questions may hide the answers – and your freedom from a bubbling issue.

Who I am. Who am I?

Our labelling of ourselves is often based on limited information and short-term memory. As a girl growing up in Canada, every March came as a surprise – that it was still winter! Not that it hadn’t been winter every other year at that same time, but my memory of how long it was had faded (I haven’t changed in many ways, as this year’s rainy season seemed ‘so much worse’ than past years!) Unlike the weather which can be consistent if it wants to, we have the ability to make some fairly dramatic changes (we often do based on the correct and incorrect labelling we’ve placed on ourselves thus far) Who we are and will become from this moment on is actually who we believe ourselves to be and the actions we take now, in spite of our history. I’ve been looking at labels that I’ve placed on myself as ‘me’ and can see plusses and minuses in many of them. I can see the source of some of the laggers and draggers in my life, and have started another converted/shifted list of who I am for 2008 and beyond. While change can happen in an instant, it can also take time, but whether instantaneous or metered, the aspects I have influence over in ‘who I am’ I’m taking back.

The Curse of the Couch

Just 10 more minutes – whether it is a comfy bed or couch, sometimes when we get into it, we don’t want to get out. It might be great right now, but it isn’t the final destination for your life. I’m not saying that having a comfortable place to rest isn’t a positive thing once in a while, but there may be other spots worth trying out as well.

A great way to get new exposure in areas for change right away is Hypnosis Month Singapore (starting tomorrow!) – there are talks on hypnosis subjects such as Stage shows, hypnobirthing or fertility, imagination/persistence, and more.

“The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.”  W. M. Lewis

Have a wonderful year!


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