Therapeutic Metaphors (3 Book Intensive Pack)

Support your Clients (and those you Love) by Bringing Stories into Your Practice and Your Everyday Life – Professional Version

Using Stories in your Practice cover
Have you ever watched a movie that wove a tale so well that your life was shifted… even if for a little while? This is the power of storytelling and can be learned, honed and applied within the therapeutic environment, to help clients and students make major shifts for good – fast and effectively!

The three book package has been created to give you the skills you need to put into practice – learning how to make stories relevant to the therapeutic environment, increasing your confidence in including this approach to therapy (even if you don’t believe you’re a natural storyteller), and giving you a variety of ‘universal’ metaphors – stories with broad-based themes that can be adapted to a wide variety of clients and issues to help you get started, successfully, right away.

I am teaching future social workers and counselors at a community college. Your metaphors are awesome for helping them deal with career/school decisions as well as stress. Kelly

Tips to Using Stories in Your Practice creates a strong foundation on how you can tweak simple metaphors to have great impact on your clients and students. It includes the basics on creating the best environment for storytelling, so that your client can understand and absorb the lessons and perspective shifts that are made much simpler in a metaphorical format.

Becoming a Storyteller is for anyone who wants to enhance their ability to share the power of stories with others. Many people believe that they aren’t able to tell stories with impact, so we’ve created a number of exercises and skill-strengtheners to pump up your ‘metaphor muscles’ and feel good about sharing these with others.

7 Universal Metaphors is THE book you need in a therapeutic practice. These are stories with broad themes and general destinations that can be used for many clients with different issues. The book includes specific scripts (stories) you can tell directly to clients, with adaptations and general guidelines to tweak these general stories to suit specific needs.

Thanks so much. I found it really helpful and felt very energized through the discussion of your universal metaphors and ideas. Cynthia

These three books can help you make session time, ‘story time’ – powerfully supporting you in the work you do and giving you another interesting and adaptable tool for you to work with.

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