Essentials of Hypnosis – Singapore

Essentials of Hypnosis Training

Singapore: November 9-12, 2017

Explore the Power of the Mind and Positively Influence Those Around You with Hypnosis

Discover Your Untapped Potential – calm, energy, direction – Within Your Own Subconscious

Hone Your Skills to Support Your Family, or add Influence & Effectiveness to your Current Work

All in Four Days – champion yourself and learn techniques to help others!

Register before September 15th and save S$350!

If you’d like to make a positive impact on your own life and on the lives of those around you – whether personal or professional – hypnosis is a rewarding and dynamic skill to have in your toolbox that you can successfully use on a daily basis to enhance greater health and wellbeing to benefit yourself or add value to others.

Our four-day training provides the perfect  time to collect instruments and techniques that you can put into place in your life and work right away. Not only will you have a deeper understanding of how different parts of the mind work, but you’ll move through the theory of hypnosis to apply hypnotic suggestions and metaphors for yourself and for others through lots of practical, hands-on experience.

“I can confidently say that attending Jennifer Norris-Nielsen’s Hypnotism Training has definitely been one of the most life-changing events I have experienced.” Amimo A

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Relevant Subjects, Immediate Application

In our training we will not only learn together, but put into practice self-care routines to support ourselves and take to share with others.During our training we will balance between the theory, models and systems that make hypnosis such a powerful tool, and exercises that take concepts into significant and functional application. Our focus on the creation and use of metaphors and suggestions means that you will have skills that are immediately useful – whenever and wherever you need them!

We want you to establish patterns that you can feel confident and comfortable continuing after the completion of the course. Thomas à Kempis is quoted, “The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundations be laid.” We make sure you have a solid foundation to start construction of this new part of your life.

What will you learn in this lively and varied training? The following is a non-inclusive list of subjects that will be covered over the 4 days:

Understanding Hypnosis and the Mind

  • Hypnosis: ‘definition’ and beyond
  • Parts of the Mind and Hypnotisability Explained
  • Clearing Misperceptions, Building Education – bringing Hypnosis to others
  • Rules of the Mind and Mental Laws
  • Hypnosis Vocabulary and History of Hypnosis
  • Additional Subjects on Hypnosis and the Mind

The Basics of Hypnotising

  • Suggestibility tests – theory and practice
  • Introduction to Trance
  • How to Hypnotise
  • Inductions Foundations
  • Emerging Techniques
  • Deepening Techniques, Scales and Testing
  • Ideo-motor Responses and Techniques
  • Non-formal Inductions
  • Learning Self Hypnosis (this is multi-stepped and key in the work we do!)

Hypnotic Suggestions and Mind Metaphors Applied

  • Suggestion Development and Management
  • Hypnosis for Change – habits, emotions and goals ++
  • Powering up Hypnotic Suggestions
  • Developing Metaphors – the Power of the Tale
  • Universal Metaphors and Solid Stories at Your Fingertips
  • Feelings and Emotions – talking to the ‘right’ part of mind
  • Children, Family and Parenting basics
  • Performance Enhancement – sports/school and beyond
  • Emotional Freedom Technique as a complementary tool
  • Understanding qualifications of clients, therapists and cautions of this work
  • Finding opportunities to use the power of the subconscious mind
  • Supporting Groups / Finding Common Goals

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Who Would Benefit from Learning the Essentials and Power of the Mind?

This training program tends to draw from a diverse and complementary group of people. Most students are concerned for the well-being of others, and who care deeply enough to want to learn the most effective methods to help make positive shifts in themselves and the world around them. However these ‘worlds’ may be family, community, hobby or work-related – and hypnosis can help with each of them.

Whether this is used as a stand-alone for self- and other-care, an additional ‘power’ to an existing career, or as a stepping stone to a new part- or full-time vocation using hypnotherapy, the fundamentals covered in the program are key to establishing yourself in the wonderful, internal world of the subconscious mind.

And it serves as a strong foundation program for learning more advanced or certifying levels for the future.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have brilliant and giving students who learn from and teach each other (and me!), allowing for even greater and longer-lasting learning to take place.” Jennifer Norris-Nielsen

As a client- and student-centred instructor, Jennifer provides a strong grounding in areas of hypnosis that are relevant for all students, while honing content to be most pertinent to the members of the class.

The Support Doesn’t End When the Course Does

To support lifelong development in this field, the program also includes 3 group sessions AFTER you’ve completed the program. Why? Because life is a bit more complicated than a classroom AND getting immediate and appropriate feedback from an experienced hypnotherapist gives you a leg up to support those around you most easily and effectively.

These sessions will be set based on times decided in class, take place as ‘virtual’ meetings online, and will be recorded and available to students for future reference.

Register to be part of a select group who are a positive force for change in the world. We limit class size so that you get the personal attention you need and want. We don’t use pressure tactics but spaces really are limited, so please don’t miss this opportunity. Decide and join us today!

Register before September 15th and save S$350! Only S$1695 includes all lectures, extensive materials (notes, scripts, audios/video), and post-course group sessionsExtra bonus for signing up early, the “Four Pillars” ebook for developing the foundation skills to do this work with even more ease, grace and success!

PLUS, register with a friend and you’ll both get even more – a self-care package of audios and ebook, that you can use for yourself, others or as a basis for training others to help themselves through self-care practices!

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For information on continuing your learning journey with our Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Class and NGH Certification Course in Hypnotherapy (also in November 2017), please email your trainer Jennifer directly for more information and times.

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