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Register by May 15th to Save $100 + Hundreds of Dollars worth of Books, Audios, Videos and Supervision!

Professionals Foundations Hypnotism Training

July 16-17 & 30-31, 2016 – Austin, Texas

Yes, Jennifer! I want to be part of the Foundations Hypnotism Training.

I’m dedicated to giving myself the skills I need to increase the success of my work, and enhance the quality of my life this year, so please save me a seat for this 4-day training.

I’m ready to appreciate a deeper understanding of the mind, especially the subconscious mind, and how it can positively work for myself, my clients and the people I care about. More importantly I’m prepared for the hands-on, intensive nature, so that I can solidly translate these useful skills right away, as soon as I complete the course – to support my existing clients with new techniques and draw new clientele to my practice, helping me both “do well and do good”!

Even after the class is done, I’ll have the opportunity to join 4 post-course virtual mentored, think-tank groups with graduates of the foundations training, so that I can ask additional questions ‘from the field’ and hone strategies and methods that work best for my particular personal and professional needs.

I’m also suggesting this to a friend/colleague who can also benefit from the tools of this brief therapy. And if we both register, we’ll each get a free copy of the “Stop Smoking Success Enhancement Pack” with videos, a workbook and checklist to help clients and clients-to-be become free from this self-destructive habit. Done right, hypnosis is a highly successful way to help people quit – and this package helps you know the ins and outs that help people succeed. With a few stop smoking clients a month (and with only two sessions to stop), you can add tens of thousands to your practice – helping existing clients with a nasty habit or getting to know new clients with this life enhancing change. (make sure you write your friend’s name down so we can link you and make sure you get your bonus learning package)

I could wait around and miss this opportunity, but I know if I join the course before May 15th 2016, I can get a DISCOUNT of $100 – reducing the cost from $899 to only $799 (and you know they say the early bird catches the worm!)

Before May 15th, I will also be entitled to access these additional valuable ‘bonus’ books, audios and video to enhance my learning and life:

  1. Four Pillar Skills for Hypnotists (and Therapists) Package (book + 2 videos) – Practice simple but powerful exercises in four important areas to support therapeutic work in subtle yet powerful ways! (UP $39)
  2. HypnoSleep (Audio Guide) – Including suggestions in this way can help transform lives (especially those of children) when done correctly. Not only a skill you can learn but one you can teach to your clients as well. (UP $29)
  3. Step-by-Step Tips to Enhancing Your Sessions: Even Before Clients Come to Your Office (book) – Chock full of informative tips and lessons from experienced Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists, this guide gives ideas for networking, talking to, making appointments, introducing concepts and enhancing expectations (and for those with charging issues, a small section on asking for and collecting fees). A helpful resource when you need to boost certain aspects of client interactions. (UP $24)
  4.  6 Solutions to Issues “In the Chair” (book) – This is a valuable troubleshooting guide for situations that hypnotists may be rattled by, yet have solid options to solve these challenges. A handy go-to booklet when you’re starting in hypnosis (and beyond). (UP $9.99)
  5. One Hour of Supervision/Mentoring Post-Course – This is a private one-to-one session with your instructor upon completion of the course to support you with client issues, business challenges or personal support.

While these bonuses are valued at over $200, it may be worth thousands to your practice, ease and success! Don’t miss these extras for your success – sign up before May 15th! 

To Download the Syllabus with details on your instructor and course objectives, click here.

So make sure I have a seat saved for this class that will support me, those around me and my work! After you’re taken to the paypal site you can pay by credit card and you’ll be returned to a special page to fill in more details about yourself so we can connect and start you on your way, learning about hypnosis and the mind even before the class starts…

If you’re paying by check instead of credit card, please fill out the form below the paypal button.

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Please write check to “Grey Matter Network” and send c/o 1100 Tetbury Lane, Austin, Texas 78748
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