Hypnosis Medical Practitioners: Singapore, Mar-Nov 2016


You’ve spent years honing your expertise in the clinical setting, helping hundreds of patients with their problems and health challenges. For the most part, everything goes smoothly. Yet, sometimes, there are patients or situations that seem to fall outside of your comfort level – leaving you wondering if there weren’t an easier way to get to the bottom of the issues and solve the puzzle that faces you in your practice.

Learning to work with the subconscious mind gives medical professionals a ‘secret weapon’ to support patients, enhancing the speed at which you can work with both the body AND the mind at the same time.  Live training and online learning in hypnosis specific to a practice setting will give you the key into your patient’s mind and greater health.

Opportunity in SINGAPORE in 2016

Part 1: Intensive “Hands On” Live training

Session 1 (16 hours): Evenings – March 28-31

Session 2 (16 hours): Weekend – November 12-13

Part 2: Online and Virtual Training (32 hours)

Starts prior to first classroom series and continues between first and second classroom series.

Part 3: Personal Study and Application

Throughout the course you’ll be checked for understanding and have the opportunity to implement lessons into your work and life.

Feel you may benefit and wish to apply? Places are limited and we only accept committed individuals into the class. Click this link to email Jennifer directly to receive your information pack and syllabus and application form.

There are lots of reasons medical professionals choose to deepen their understanding of the mind with regards to health:

  • Have you ever had a patient complain of an issue that, even on testing, “doesn’t” exist but still continues to bother or debilitate her?
  • Have you been faced with a “challenging” patient who makes appointment that you dread?
  • Have you been told, over and over, by your patient that he’ll change (even when threatened by consequences that may prove deadly)… and at the next appointment everything is still the same?
  • Would you like to have an easier relationship with patients, help them promote their health in ways only they can, and enjoy greater energy and calm while doing so?


Savvy practitioners around the world are realizing that an informed and practical approach to dealing with mental and emotional health as part of a systemic whole can enhance both real and perceived value for patients, and create happier and healthier treatment and care.

Our 8-‘day’ training gets to the very ‘heart’ of the information you’ll need to implement right away in your practice and work. The 64 hour program included both in-class and flexible online/virtual lecture hours to fit with your busy schedule. Additional external case study projects are available and practice of lessons give you greater proficiency, confidence and success.

Subjects include:

  • Understanding hypnosis and the mind for application in the medical field
  • Sorting through myths and misconceptions (of both hypnosis AND the medical profession) and how it affects patients
  • Enhancing hypnotisability
  • Mental laws and mental rules
  • Creating a ‘hypnotic voice’ in your practice
  • Waking hypnosis in the practice
  • Giving suggestions that are received and integrated
  • Compliance and practice for suggestions
  • Linguistic habits that enhance your own energy and increase patient satisfaction
  • Enhancing the intake process to work with the mind via the body (or vice versa)
  • Enhancing ‘mind reading’ and patient storycomprehension
  • Discover the metaphoric ‘problem-solution’ shift possible with the subconscious mind
  • Develop and use visualisations that work for patients
  • Inductions in 5 minutes or less (much less!) – modification specifically for the medical domain
  • Explore the meaning of ‘deeper’ and how to use it
  • Instant inductions and ‘sneaky’ hypnosis that works
  • Handling ‘lifestyle issues’ with hypnotic suggestions
  • Emerging from hypnosis and ways to seal positive changes in
  • Super-fast self-hypnosis techniques for client support
  • Enhancing relaxation and repose
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety of patients
  • Utilising emotions and understanding their physical impact and message
  • Dealing with difficult patients
  • Speeding up rapport with a wide variety of patients (and people)
  • Understanding psychogenic issues and introducing techniques for them
  • Introduction to causal therapies that may get to unknown roots
  • Anaethesia with hypnosis – learning the basics for a practice setting
  • The next steps for medical practitioners, practice and more


These subjects are positioned to build upon themselves – practitioners must attend a virtual one-‘day’ training prior to the first live, in-class training at the end of March. Subsequent online and virtual lectures must be completed before the November session. For a more precise course outline and an application to see if you’ll be a fit for the training, click here to contact us.

Investment only SG$2250 (US$1595). Includes all training, manual, support material and certification. Payment plans available.


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