“Just do it…”

Congratulations! For the most part, resolutions tend to be easier for you than for other people. While there may be exceptions, you generally decide on a plan and are able to implement the steps to get there or, at least, head in that direction.

You’ve discovered a trick of the mind for change – compounding. Just as advertisements repeat an ad until you remember it, setting up a routine you can repeat is a great way to strengthen your intentions and reinforce the messages, suggestions and actions you implement for change. When you keep to a routine, your everyday actions/thoughts/feelings, no matter how small, fortify themselves and become more potent than big steps taken on occasion or sporadically.

Whenever you may feel a little challenged, there are a few tips that may help. Remember that your change is your choice. You are in control of your inner world, even when there are forces outside of yourself that may work ‘differently’. Keeping in mind that the internal resources you possess are vast and some may be untapped. With self-command (for resolution) and self-compassion (for the natural learning curve and mistakes that happen along that path) you’ll be able to keep on track, even with distractions and set-backs.

Because you probably like to perform at peak, remember to keep that destination in mind and let it play in your powerful imagination. When you’re waking up in the morning or going to bed at night, take a few moments to ‘be the change’ – imagine the resolution already having happened – and the subconscious will help you to fill in the gaps to get there. This ‘day dreaming’ often helps us to get a sense of what needs to be done, so we don’t have to wait to know how it should be done.

Sometimes it helps to make your goals for change time-based. The subconscious mind likes an achievable but urgent timeline – it tends to stay ‘top of mind’. This can be within yourself or you can set up accountability externally too. I say achievable, so that you include some ‘flex’ time for schedule changes, unforeseen obstacles… life! This will help you to feel less exasperated or flustered – because a comfortable and easy-going attitude and mind tend to do better at achieving goals over the long term.

Finally, it’s important to remember that not all people are able to ‘uphold’ a change like you, in the same way that you do. So a little compassion for others may be in order (not demanding them to be just like you) – or you may ask them what they need help with to succeed with their resolutions and be part of the solution! It also may be helpful for you to extend that consideration to yourself. There may be others you can delegate part of the task to (especially if it is a group or family effort) – while they may not do things just as you would, they learn and you get to share the process of change – ‘halving the troubles and doubling the joy’ as it were.

It’s a wonderful thing to be good at making changes. If you’re feeling the pressures on your need to perform, hypnosis can help you to stay calm and centered within the sometimes disordered world that surrounds you. And if you need someone to tweak your performance even more, like a coach to a high-performing athlete, let me know I’m here to help.

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