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Am I going to start singing “Age of Aquarius”? No. But I am aiming to be a champion of love for you in the next year and beyond. I remember reading “Love is the Killer App” by Tim Sander almost 20 years ago, and his ideas on sharing knowledge, networks and compassion struck a cord with me.

Have I stuck to the idea of ‘making love’ in my business and life all the time? No. But I realise when I look back at the high points of my life so far, they are inevitably the time that I loved the most and shared the most. So in the spirit of sharing what I know (or my process at least), here are a few tips for activating the subconscious mind for a successful life (of love)…

What would a life of love look like?

Imagine working WITH your networks… really working with them… enjoying their company, sharing your knowledge, learning from others, caring… you could imagine your family, your friends… you work colleagues, a community group… How does that make you feel?

Whenever I do this exercise, I breathe more easily and a little smile creeps to my face. It is a place I want to live.

Sometimes I feel a little anxious because I’m not sure just how to put that vision into action. But then I realise that this is a process, and that this, at first, has less to do with others than it does with me. So how do I start?

Well, for many people this will be a novel (read about novelty and love here) way to approach others – share your gifts. We often think that we have a certain piece of the pie and must protect it. But it seems that love and sharing is alchemic in making that pie (and our slice in it) bigger. The more we give so that others can boost themselves up, the more we all benefit. Whether it is writing that inspires, or connecting individuals who might collectively create something that would benefit the world (or a piece of it), or being present with a loving heart for someone who needs it… it takes many forms, but does the same thing. Sharing builds connection, trust and support.

In a world of zero-sum thinking, this goes against the grain. But who wants to supposedly ‘win’ at the cost of others, when you can all achieve in your own unique and powerful ways?

What would love’s absence look like?

But maybe the idea of winning at all costs appeals to you. Maybe the answer to the question “would you rather be happy or would you rather be right” is “be right”!?

There are some who believe that they can only benefit from putting others down, from only looking out for #1, or that love is a suckers game… And while I might disagree, I have to give them their right to think that way. I need to live the compassion that’s usually much easier to share with people who agree with me. Loving those who think differently keeps the bridges unburned so there may be a path for communication in the future.

And what if these people seem to ‘win’ at times when I’m not? I just envision myown world without love, with a second-place-is-first-loser attitude, with an I-am-an-island way of thinking, and I can’t envy them in any way. It just isn’t worth the cost to me. The ideas are usually inherited and while they may have served in the past, their success in future seems to come at the expense of other, less tangible, (and for me) more valuable things. The path without love may seem shiny in the short term but seems to pale over the long term

Sometimes, when I find myself in a place where my love seems to lag, I need to look at myself with a bit of compassion. Remember that our greatest failures, may be our greatest lessons. It may be showing me a place where I need to learn, to let go, or to try something differently. It’s important to note that a life of love is not necessarily a “picket fence” perfect picture – it is a lifelong journey whose peaks and valley makes the landscape beautiful. And there are always people, professional and personal, who are living a life of compassion and connection who are there to help.

Hypnosis can Help with Loving your Life…

If you need some suggestions or ways to enhance how you see or approach your life, speaking directly to the subconscious mind is a quick and easy way to help. If some of the other aspects of your life are putting pressure on your ability to love it, hypnosis can support you as well. Schedule a session or discounted bundle so that you can start living and loving more easily and authentically. Let me know how I can help… Jennifer

“Life is not a dress rehearsal” Anonymous

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