We help businesses thrive. Raising the bar for performance is seamless when we use the subconscious mind – helping executives and corporate groups succeed.

More and more companies are realising that while the bottom line is a great place to start, people and their self-confidence, balance, and emotional state has a direct bearing on the productivity and profitability of a firm.

Within the corporate context, subconscious work and hypnosis can be used to:

  • set goals,
  • enhance positive perception,
  • build confidence,
  • remove fears and self-doubts,
  • improve individual and team behaviour,
  • enhance sales and success mentality,
  • increase focus and prioritisation,
  • end procrastination and manage anger,
  • help motivation levels,
  • enhance creativity, listening skills and memory or mental functioning,
  • support good self-image and more

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The Subconscious the Bottomline for Change

The subconscious mind is the place where habits, behaviours and beliefs are stored. It is like a warehouse or the hard drive of a computer, where all of your past experiences accumulate.
Sometimes, like computers, people pick up ‘viruses’, in the form of misperceptions or erroneous beliefs that they’ll never be the best person they could be or experience the success they desire.

Whether it was something from the past or picked up recently, performance and productivity of a perfectly good person can be drastically reduced.

By working at a subconscious level, these fears and misperceptions can be removed so that individuals can increase their potential and raise their performance standard.

This helps both the individual in their own personal perception and gives the company workers that have removed old blockages and programs, and are no longer limiting themselves, leading to higher productivity and job satisfaction.

How do our Enterprise Services Work?

Corporations and businesses, like time, is in a constant state of movement. Contractions, expansions, direction changes, M&A all place stress on individuals and teams within the workplace. We have a number of group and system programs that will help your company adapt and thrive.

Executive within the company structure, there are often changes within management that requires a quick turnaround for new skills and attitudes. Working with individuals and small executive teams, we help you to increase the learning curve and decrease any negative impact of change.

Coaching, Outplacement, Change Processes, we have methods that augment and enhance your existing programs, working with specialists to ease times of transition and change.

Executive Success from the Inside Out

Companies demand the best from their employees and executives. How is it possible to increase productivity, speed up knowledge acquisition, leverage on existing or potential strengths and ease the effects of or dissolve weaknesses completely?

Quickly, effectively, economically?

Our executive program works on both group and/or individual levels to do just these things.

Working with the power of the whole mind for change, Grey Matter Network operates with a process that eliminates stumbling blocks that have been hindering high levels of productivity, ability and personal perception, leading to better on-the-job performance as well as self-confidence.

The Thera-Process is applicable for smaller groups of individuals, and can include all individual sessions or a combination of small group and individual sessions.

Personal sessions can get to the root of individual’s past experiences and issues that may be creating blocks that keep them from being successful within their work environment. Through sessions that re-shift perceptions, individuals can break from unwanted patterns to be the success that they, and their company, wish to be.

Usually this process will take a series of sessions. Packages can be tailored to suit company goals and fit within the context and constraints of the business environment.

An initial interview of management and participants will discover the greatest advantages for change, working the program around these benefits.

We also work in conjunction with coaching or mentoring programs to help boost success.

Our subscription services may suit your executive’s needs and requirements. Contact us to see how we can best serve you.

Corporate Mind: Positive Changes in the Workplace

Companies, like water, are in a constant and fluid state of change. Contractions, expansions, direction changes, M&A, all place stress on individuals and teams within the workplace.

The corporate program works on both a group and/or individual level. There are a number of suggested options that can be tailored to your company’s requirements:

Workshops dealing with the power of the mind and its best use for specific change will give participants, within a group setting, personal power and positive suggestions for change within their subconscious level, which will radiate and transfer to behaviours and thought patterns.

In this group setting, participants will learn how to use their mental change centre, the subconscious mind, for use in their professional and personal development!

This can range from sales success, to corporate goal alignment, to team development or company motivation.

For a more one-to-one process, please see our Executive success services for more information.

Packages can be tailored to suit company goals and fit within the context and constraints of the business environment. An initial interview of management and participants will discover the greatest advantages for change, working the program around these benefits.

Please let us know your company or team’s situation and we can provide a number of options for you that would best suit your circumstances. Our subscription services may also be a company-wide alternative for fostering change and success.

Part of the Team: Assisting Coaches, Outplacement Services, and Support Programming

Being specialists in subconscious mind work, we see ourselves as a great team player for existing business support and executive change and performance services.

Coach’s Aid

Coaches help individuals in building new life or business skills, learning patterns and actions that fortify positive changes, and engaging and accessing innate wisdom and information.

Sometimes certain individuals have accumulated blocks or misperceptions in their past that may be colouring or hindering their change and progress. Grey Matter Network can assist with these stubborn issues to allow the coaching process to flow more easily and effectively.

We welcome requests by coaches interested in assisting their clients to work through difficult patches, clearing the way to work towards a positive future.

Outplacement Assistance

As facilitators in the management of careers and change services, you realise the shifting needs of companies and executives.

We can help you in serving clients during their time of change and, as is often the case, uncertainty and question. Tailoring brief therapy to help kick-start executive’s transformation, workshops in stress management or other relevant change issues, and support materials in the form of CDs or MP3, are some of the ways in which we help work through some stumbling blocks that slow down the process.

Contact us to discuss a program that might best suit your clients, we can add value to your regular service line.