Being a parent is one of the most challenging and fulfilling jobs you’ll ever have. Sometimes you might think that it would be nice to have hypnotic powers, so your children would say “Yes, Master” and do everything you asked.

Well, it’s true that young people are more predisposed to hypnosis than adults. Many children are in a natural state of hypnosis much of their lives – absorbing new information everyday, yet sometimes allowing in misperceptions and erroneous beliefs that stop or block them from being, feeling or acting to their potential. Over the years we’ve found that hypnotherapy and subconscious tools are great ways for children to make positive changes in their lives.

Helping Your Child

The world can be an exciting new experience for a child. However, kids often encounter fears or develop habits that restrict them from making the most of the adventure of their childhood.

There is nothing “wrong” with your child. They can get stressed, scared, angry, or sad just as we adults do (some parents find that their kids have similar behaviour to their own, but children just lack the coping skills that their parents have developed over the years). However, they might not always be able to express exactly what is wrong.

You know that your child is a great kid, but they might not always feel/see it that way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give your child back his or her confidence, a more positive outlook, or to help let go of a habit that’s no longer working?

At Grey Matter Network, we help kids get past these blocks, and make lasting changes through their subconscious minds.

Some of the more popular reasons children come to us are:

  • Trying new things (new schools, homes, friends, foods)
  • Fears/phobias (tests/exams, school, darkness, creepy things, abandonment, people)
  • Habits (thumb-sucking, bedwetting)
  • Confidence, anger, shyness, getting along with friends/siblings
  • Focus/Motivation in school/sports/activities

If there are areas that you feel your child needs help with, we support both parents and children. We also help parents use the skills and understanding that can quickly be absorbed by the subconscious mind through hypnosis, and take that into daily life. Contact us today and find out more about how hypnosis can work with your child and your family.


Teens are at an important stage of their lives, the transition to adulthood. Suddenly, they’re no longer just a kid, and they worry or get stressed about school and big exams, their friends and relationships, social standings, new responsibilities, being more independent, the future, and yes, sometimes, even about you, the parent or the choices you’ve made.

As a parent you might sense that your teen is overwhelmed, or stressed, or angry and you might be feeling a little frustrated or helpless that they won’t tell you about it, or you can’t seem to get through to them and help them directly. Well your teen might be feeling just exactly as you are, but are concerned about disappointing you or their peers, or feeling embarrassed, or whether or not they’re old enough to face certain things on their own.

Hypnotherapy can be an excellent choice to support this time of life as we help teens facilitate the changes they want to make, within the privacy of their own mind, as sometimes help from a neutral/uninvolved party is exactly what they (and you) are seeking.

We help teens with many issues, some of them are:

  • Fears/anxiety (exams, social, school, disappointment/failure)
  • Low self esteem, lack of confidence
  • Anger/temper, stress, frustration
  • School/family/peer pressure
  • Feeling Down (in despair), trouble sleeping
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Friends, relationships
  • Habits (procrastination, nail biting, stuttering etc)

Hypnosis and Children: Information before Making an Appointment

Before setting an appointment time and arriving for a hypnotherapy session, it is important that you discuss with your child/teen what they would like to change.

You might believe that you know exactly what your child should do or change, but your child might not be willing or ready for this change yet. We’ve found greater success for children and families when it has been an open discussion, so your child can be part of this important decision (please don’t “surprise” your child by bringing them to an appointment without letting them know).

When a child is willing to approach making a change in their lives, the sessions go much easier and the change will happen more quickly and effectively.

We’re happy to speak with you about ways to approach the change process – contact us via email or skype to discuss ways we can help your child.

When a young person sees a Hypnotherapist, it is often recommended that one parent goes through the therapeutic process at the same time as their child – so there is greater understanding and that change really takes place in a family.

Confidentiality Note
Everything that happens within our sessions is strictly confidential. We will not reveal your/your child’s identity or anything that happens in a session to anyone, unless specifically requested by your child and you.