Body and Mind Performance

Did you know that many of the world’s greatest athletes perform under hypnosis?

You might have heard about Mental Rehearsal. Well, it’s part of the process. You can use your ability to imagine, pretend, run images/thoughts/processes over in your mind to increase and improve your sports performance – and it’s made even more powerful under hypnosis!

When you imagine yourself participating in a sport or hobby your neurons actually fire in just the same patterns as they do when you are actually performing the activity itself.

Imagine that!

This means that you can increase your agility, improve your coordination or concentration, refine your techniques, heighten your awareness of body position, eliminate inhibiting thoughts regarding your performance and increase your capacity for enjoying your sport or hobby. This can help you to improve your sports or training level, and assist elite athletes in getting even better.

For example, the night before her perfect performance at the 1984 Olympics, American gymnast Mary Lou Retton ran through her routine – so that she saw it, felt it, was completely involved in the perfection of the moves – IN HER MIND. She had already made it a reality in her mind, in herself, even before she went out on the floor (and won GOLD!).

It’s the same with you – you have that power to help or hinder your athletic performance.

Here are some everyday sports examples to help you understand how it works:

  • You come to a pond at a golf course and invariably think to yourself “Where’s my water ball?” – all you’re doing is compounding (making stronger) the negative suggestion that you won’t make the shot. We specialize in helping golfers play better and lower their handicap.
  • You play a ball sport and say to yourself over and over ‘Don’t drop it.’ ‘Don’t miss it’ and thoughts of that sort – then you are giving your subconscious the wrong directions (the subconscious doesn’t really hear the ‘don’t’ so loudly) so your mind is concentrating on dropping or missing, which isn’t what you really want.
  • You’re running a long distance, and think ‘Oh no, this is where my knees start to hurt’ – same thing, you’re telling your subconscious to direct your body in a way you don’t really want for a successful race or fitness regime.

If you feel intimidated by competition, lose your focus, or fear doing badly, the way you talk to yourself, and especially your subconscious mind, may be creating beliefs and habit that are doing your performance a disservice.

We concentrate on and speak to the part of your mind where all your beliefs and habits are stored – so you can change the ones that don’t work for you. Then you can work on new ways to look at developing and refining your athletic performance. Find out more.

Improving your Sport or Fitness Level

While your aim may not be to go to the Olympics, you’d like to improve your level of fitness or athletic expertise.

Similar to high performing athletes, you may have hit a plateau and need greater motivation or direction in achieving a goal.

We can work with you to enhance your goal setting, clear obstacles to getting there, fortify mental toughness, energy management and help you to use ‘power viz’ to boost your performance.

Hypnosis has also been known to help in the healing process of sports injuries. We require a doctor’s or therapist’s referral for medically related assistance.

Elite Athletes

While your body may be honed to perform well in your sport, you may feel that there is something holding you back from ‘going for gold’.

We can lend a hand.

Working one-on-one with an athlete allows for the most personalised service and most profound space for change – first through an in-depth look into the habits and attitudes that exist that may be limiting growth, learning and excellence. Hypnosis allows for re-perception of erroneous beliefs that may have been picked up at some time in the past that forces the athlete to meet a personally created ‘wall’ in specific circumstances or situations in the present. Within the subconscious mind it is possible to remove or release these obstacles.

Once this understanding has been achieved through the process, and blind spots have been surmounted, then the path is open for excellence development. The next stage is for an athlete to work with the hypnotherapist to acquire or upgrade various skills and attributes that create a top-performer. Contact us to start the process towards greater excellence.

Golf Success: Helping you Play the Game that’s 90% Mental…

…and the Rest is In Your Head.

Ever thought how great it would be to improve your game, lower your handicap or eliminate ‘bad habits’ in your driving or putting?

Imagine the best day on the golf course – it’s possible!

Looking into your own mind can give you a good idea of how you can make successful changes in your golf game.

While your analytical and logical conscious mind helped you decide to take up golf, when to play and helps in your club selection and set your course of action, it isn’t the part that can help you really improve your game.

So, where is improvement possible?

The subconscious mind is the place where habits, behaviours and beliefs are stored. And it is your beliefs that will determine your final results each time you go out to play.

Just remember the last bad day you had – and it just seemed to get worse. Your mind can have a ‘snowball’ effect for both bad and good. And wouldn’t it be nice to have a good day (especially on the greens) get better?

Have you ever had a great shot?

You may have called it a fluke, lucky or a miracle, but your subconscious mind has that exact shot imprinted within you. Like a file in your mental hard drive. You can learn how to bring it back up again, for more great shots. The subconscious mind controls all your body movements, so to change the habits and behaviours of your body for the better you have to work with the subconscious.

The subconscious process of hypnosis can be used to remove old fears and self-doubts about your golf game that might be stopping you from playing to the best of your ability. It can help in developing positive awareness and improving drives, putting (and, basically, all aspects of the game), improve focus and concentration, as well as consistency…

…key aspects to a lower handicap!

Hypnosis can also help with yips, competition strategies, temper issues and getting over golf injuries (if it’s a medical condition, we’ll need a doctor’s referral).

There are a number of techniques that you can learn one-on-one, in a group, or even on the greens! Contact us to select your path to your best game ever!