Know Before You Start

You’ve made a decision to make a change with hypnosis – you’ve already taken the biggest step to helping yourself transform your life more positively.

As you’re probably starting to understand, hypnosis is a safe and natural state people go in and out of at least 7 to 10 times a day. Even though we naturally spend at least 30 minutes in hypnosis without knowing it, formal Hypnotherapy can accelerate shifts for good.

We successfully conduct sessions one-to-one and in groups both face to face and by phone or Skype. With each different way we conduct sessions, there are certain tips and information that clients need to make it even more successful. Yet there are certain common components that need to be covered to expect the greatest success in making the changes you want and need in your life.

YOU need to want this change

While sometimes a spouse or friend can be a compelling reason to make a change, YOU need to desire change for yourself. When you’re internally motivated, when this is what you want (even if you haven’t been successful at it before), your giving yourself a huge boost towards success through hypnosis.

Just think of your working with your hypnotherapy like two people ballroom dancing together – if one stops, the whole dance stops. We both need to be committed to the direction you’d like to move in – and you’ll have my 100% commitment from the beginning.

If you’re making a change for someone else, take a few moments and consider the benefits you’ll get out of making this shift in your life – often when we can imagine some of the benefits it makes it easier to get ourselves motivated. The more the desire for change comes from you, the easier your sessions will be.

We can’t MAKE you do anything

Hypnosis is a consensual process – we work together. A Hypnotherapist can’t force you to change. You have the power. And with great power comes great responsibility. While the past may not be our fault, the future is our own responsibility – as you take back choice and control over your habits, feelings and life, you’ll understand that YOU made the change with the guide of your hypnotherapist.

If you have questions – good!

Many people have seen hypnosis in the media and movies and have some questions about hypnosis. Often times there are myths that people have about hypnosis, so one of our goals is to clear those up so you feel comfortable tapping in to your own subconscious mind power.

Historically people believed only 5-20% of the population could be hypnotized but we’ve found that when people understand about hypnosis and how the mind works, everyone (of normal/higher intelligence, who’s willing/able to follow directions) can experience the supportive power of hypnosis. To make this easier, connect to our YouTube video or click the links on the right side of this page to hear about hypnosis (less than 20 minutes). This is something we have all of our clients watch to enhance their success.

Contact us if you have specific questions.

If you’ve failed to make this change before – good!

“The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Albert Einstein

Fortunately our futures are not defined completely by our past. So if you’ve failed to make a change in your life before, that’s just fine.

Usually people have tried to work with the conscious mind to make change, and have not succeeded. The conscious mind is the analytical part of the mind that has limited willpower and can usually reationalise it’s way out of change. It is the “doing mind” – so someone who has stopped smoking with the conscious mind is often a ‘smoker’ who isn’t doing it at the moment.

When we make change with hypnosis, we are working with the huge, emotional, imaginative “being mind” of the subconscious. So when someone who smokes stops with the subconscious mind, they ‘feel’ and ‘are’ a non-smoker, so why would they smoke?

Having seen thousands of clients, I can understand a small amount of concern that this therapy will be ‘just like the others’, yet have witnessed success after success after success (even in those who have failed before.

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