We help people use their subconscious power to work through general relationship issues, present a different approach to couples counseling, and help people move past the emotional strain of broken love relationships or letting go of hurtful relationships of the past. We also help people work better within certain interactions and situation that require us to interact and deal with different personalities and approaches.

Everyday we interact with people. Whether they are intimate, close or passing relationships, our ability to interrelate well is important in the way we connect with others and feel within ourselves.

Sometimes hurts, mistakes, suspicions or dishonesty can block relationships from working properly. This can put a great strain on all aspects of life. Grey Matter Network supports individuals in restoring or revising relationships of all kinds.
We work with the subconscious mind, through methods that include hypnosis, to make these mental and emotional shifts easily and permanently. As all of our experiences and relationships with others are stored in the subconscious mind, this is the most direct way to shift what isn’t or hasn’t been working over time. While we conservatively suggest a commitment of 4 to 6 sessions, most people can move past major hurdles in their relationships in fewer sessions.

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Couples Counselling

Unlike traditional couples counselling, we work with each individual separately, working through deep-seated patterns, personal biases, and histories that jeopardise the relationship. Once shifts have been made on an individual level, couples tend to have more successful shared sessions. Each party must have an openness to the process.

Getting Over Past Love Relationships

Whether single or involved, many of us feel we are hindered by failures or breakdowns of intimate or love relationships in the past. Sometimes we just want to ‘forget and move on’ but don’t seem to be able to. As a result, we seem to find similar relationships over and over again, or are afraid to start or continue current relationships in the fear that the same results may happen again. We help you let go of what hasn’t worked in the past, yet enable you to learn important lessons to positively change the course of your relationships in the future.

Letting Go of Hurtful Relationships/Associations in the Past

Sometimes the hurts we experience in our relationships are not from partners, but from earlier influencers in our lives. Family, ‘friends’, school systems and community may play a role in creating negative emotions relating to a variety of areas. We help individuals close those chapters of the past to write a new one that supports the role of the hero, not the victim.

Working Better with Others

Many people spend a large portion of time and energy in the work environment. Should we have toxic relationships during this area of life, it can be detrimental to other areas as well. Whether it is our actions or reactions to others that are causing internal and/or external conflict, subconscious work helps move through this easily and powerfully, to establish better relationships within the work arena.

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