Skype Session

There is an easy way to bring hypnosis to where you are now – in the comfort of your own home or office, on the road while you travel…

Jennifer Norris-Nielsen personally does Hypnotherapy through Skype sessions.

With the video and audio of Skype and Google sessions, you can experience the power of hypnosis wherever you are. While different from an office session because you aren’t travelling to another location and in the same room as the therapist, the preparation and experience is very similar.

Before you meet up to have your session by Skype there are few things you’ll need to do to prepare so that we can have the most powerful session for the change you need and want in your life.

Technical Requirements: There are only a few simple requirements for your session, other than your openness and willingness to change. Technically, you’ll need a webcam so that I can see you – it needs to be positioned by the place where you’d like to have your session (a comfortable chair, lounger or bed). You’ll also need to be able to hear me, either through your computer or additional speakers, or a set of headphones (two ears rather than one). Finally, we’ll have to have some way for me to hear you – that may be in-build microphones on your computer, or an additional mic near you or attached to your headset. Naturally, you’ll also have to have a Skype account. My Skype address is jennifernorris (one word).

Logistics: Now that you’re technically ready, we’ll have to set up our times for appointments. Contact me to set up a time that’s best for you. Once we arrange for an appointment I’ll send you a Confidential Client Form (all information is confidential and collected to help you in your sessions) you’ll need to fill out before the session and I’ll ask you to watch the video on Hypnosis and How the Mind Works – this is the same process as face-to-face clients. The video is about 20 minutes long and covers many of the misperceptions and clarifications of the mind. Once clients see this video, most fears are allayed and people get really excited to use their minds for good, and it seems to increase their success rate as well. Please watch it completely before the session as it will answer many questions you may have.

The Setup: In preparation for your sessions, you’ll need a place where you can be for all your sessions – it could be a comfortable chair (neck support is preferred), a lounger of some sort, or a bed (with pillows to prop you up in a semi-reclined position). An additional chair is sometimes handy so that we can chat before and after the sessions. Both positions must be accessible to the mic and sound system. The only limitation to a Skype session compared to a face-to-face is that there is no physical contact (such as touching a shoulder, or dropping a hand). We will simply use verbal cues instead. The advantage to Skype sessions is that it can happen in the comfort of your own space. While hypnosis and self-hypnosis can happen almost anywhere, we like to have sessions in the same place, where you feel safe and comfortable.

Our First Session: When we meet for our session, we’ll get started right after we cover any questions you may have and any additional information we need to discuss. Once we both make the decision to do hypnosis together, then the fun starts. You’ll simply follow my instructions and allow yourself to have this experience. Upon emerging from hypnosis, most people experience both a profound relaxation as well as a revitalized energy level appropriate to their renewed life and goals.

In Case of Technical Difficulties: While rare, sometimes Skype sessions cut out because of a dropped line. This is never a problem. We’ll set up an understanding with the subconscious mind that if the line is dropped and we lose connection, you’ll gently emerge from hypnosis, reconnect with me, go back to your position, and easily and even more deeply return to a deep state of hypnosis.