Movin’ On Up

The Grey Matter Network Office has moved. It has found itself a new home in a lovely shophouse on Neil Road (35A), just above a Buddha Shop whose name is roughly translated as “Heaven Garden”. It is bigger than the previous place with room for an in-house classroom (check out what’s coming up – discover better golf, organisation, abundance or peace of mind upstairs). This will allow us to move up and out with groups, as well as provide opportunities for developing captivating new ways of moving the mind up a notch. Find out how you can help and participate at the end of this newsletter.

Things have changed considerably over the years and this is the latest in a number of shifts – of offices, jobs, residences, countries. All of the moves I make are for the best (whether they feel like them at the time or not). And I’m lucky enough to have found ‘home’ many, many times. So in this month’s newsletter, I’d like to look at moving (no, it isn’t marching again) and moving up.

1. Wherever You Go, There You Are

No matter what ‘new’ place I visit or move to, there’s always one common denominator – me.

Even though certain places may suit me better logistically, there’s more to it than that. I’ve noticed that most places seem more liveable or lovable when we’re in a ‘good mood’ – we actually can make our own good place by the way we feel at the time. When we feel good or authentic or have a purpose for being wherever we are, “the livin’ is easy”. Here is a story that seems to follow the same idea – I like it and often keep it in mind.

The Road to Athens

This story has been told many ways, but this one takes place on a road to Ancient Athens. An old man sat and watched travellers enter the city. One afternoon, two riders approached him. They both came from the same small town and were riding, at different times on that same day, to stay in Athens for the first time. Both young men asked the old man what the people of Athens were like, and the old man asked them both what the people of their city were like. The first answered, “I’m so glad to be rid of my town, the people there are lazy and rude, mean-spirited and selfish. I’m so glad to get away from them”. The second answered, “The people of my town are wonderful. They are kind and generous, hardworking and friendly. I only leave them to seek new adventures and opportunities”. The old man answered them both, “Well I’ll have to say that the people of Athens are just as they are in your town.”

I guess the saying may be true “the Zen you find at the top of the mountain, is the Zen you bring there.”

2. The Line of Best Fit

An ex-flatmate of mine was a geotechnical engineer. He used to do work at the house and I watched him when he worked. He’d look at a graph full of dots that seemed to be scattered higgledy-piggledy over the page. He’d do some calculations and then take his ruler and draw a diagonal line upwards. Sometimes it didn’t even touch one dot, but he explained that it was the ‘line of best fit’.

I love that. Sometimes my dots seem up and sometimes they seem down, and sometimes they seem to be all over the map. But my ‘life line’ of best fit is definitely moving up – getting better overall.

3. Making Your Move

I’m lucky enough to have seen great changes in people with the work they do using their own minds. Because of the nature of the ‘beast’, however, sometimes it just doesn’t click within people that so much difference has taken place – so many changes, moves, successes, and attempts (which in themselves can be successes in the tweaking). Because these changes happen within the subconscious mind – the being and feeling mind – these changes of ‘who they are’ feel so natural, that they just don’t notice or appreciate what’s shifted within and without, but they are certainly moving ‘up’. You might be mistaken in thinking that as well.

Just allow yourself a moment to look around at where you are. Look at the people around you. Counting your blessings in people (quality, not quantity) is a good indicator of how you are moving and improving. Have one of these people reveal to you all the progresses that you’ve made over the most recent weeks, months or years – and you’ll begin to see that your best fit is probably up (if it isn’t, then isn’t it lucky that you caught that now and decided to change the trend?). Old pictures, past relationships, and other situations of learning can give you a good feeling that the path is definitely on the up and up. Congratulate yourself and enjoy where you are – you’re probably moving into a better space even as you read this.

Up, up and away! Just remember, wherever you may be, “home is where the heart is”.


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