Pride and Preciousness

What is pride?

There are  a number of definitions in the dictionary, but from personal experience I know that I’ve experienced it in various forms. I’ve gotten myself in trouble when I’ve been too proud to admit mistakes, ask for help, or stubbornly refuse to change my mind. I’ve also experienced that good feeling of pride when I’ve achieved goals I’ve set out to achieve, or have felt satisfaction in a job well done.

Recently I had the opportunity to really feel proud – that heart and chest expanding feeling, where your eyes well up and you think, and feel, “wow”.

It was during the Certification Course for Hypnotherapists that I conducted in Bali. The group of international professionals who participated were a precious lot. They worked VERY diligently, with long hours – no one got a tan! They all made personal breakthroughs, in understanding, and insight – this work helps us break though barriers our own minds have created as well. And they even needed to surmount logistical obstacles such as a cacophony of roosters all the time, or gamelan band competitions outside the classroom doors.

Faced with all this they still readily accepted these challenges, with ease, confidence and calm. When they asked profound questions in the theoretical section of the course, or performed hypnosis magnificently on classmates or ‘real’ people (helping them surmount limitations quickly and effectively), I was in awe; proud of my association with them. Who are these wonderful people? Well here is a quick brief on some of the names that will be a force in future change (listed alphabetically by last name). And then keep reading because there are additional tips on pillars of pride after these brief intros:

Jem: Jem is a natural helper and healer (she has a history in nursing as well). Jem’s expertise is in the support of parents (and children) from preparation for birth, through the process of birth and beyond. Jem will be conducting a HypnoParenting class on June 19th and 22nd – a great way to learn how to enhance your relationship with your child. Details below.

Jacki: Jacki is an executive coach, trainer and consultant, and we like her too. Her daily work with business provides enriching solutions for leaders, organisations and high performance teams, now including use of the super-powered subconscious. Look to this space in the future for exciting news.

Kim: Kim is our woman in Bali. Already a certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Kim is now expanding her client offerings to look after everyday problems of all types. Kim has already helped survivors of the Bali Bombing. Once again – if you know of anyone who needs help as a result of either the bombings or the Tsunami (or the recent earthquakes), Grey Matter Network would like to help. Contact us at [email protected]

Alvida: Alvida is not only a teacher and counsellor, but also a strong advocate for creativity development on all levels of the mind. Work enhanced by play, issues resolved through art, very exciting stuff. We’ll be hearing more from her soon.

Bruce: Our only male graduate, Bruce has courage (and patience) far greater than he first expected. Bruce plans to work with others to help improve areas of health in Singapore (and maybe beyond). Watch this space for more.

Doro: With such a range of talents and experiences, Doro is a natural in connecting to others and helping them make change. If you’ve ever thought of taking up a new language (or re-learning an old language), Doro is working with powerful tools to connect with our natural ability to learn to enhance language education.

Before the course, my father asked me if I was ready to learn. “But I’m teaching the course, Dad.” I said. But he reminded me that every teaching experience is a learning one as well. And when we can learn and be in awe of the magnificence of others and their abilities, we can feel proud simply by knowing them, and discover the preciousness of life that appears in all forms.

So those are some associations and people I’m proud of, but how can you bring the “good-type” of pride into your life more: 

1. Count Your Friends (Blessings):

I know when I run through my list of family and friends I feel really proud to have the opportunity to know them. Make a list and you should feel that great, heart-swelling feeling of pride. If there are those on the list that don’t do this for you, you might want to reassess their place in your life (toxic friends sap energy and enthusiasm…)

2. Count Your Accomplishments:

“But I haven’t done anything in my life…” – if you’re having trouble picking out a few (knowing all of you great people, this shouldn’t be a problem), ask others for times when they might have been proud to have known you. It’s nice to have a few of these ‘moments of pride’ you can pull up when you need a lift.

3. Swallow it (in a good way):

Sometimes pride has gotten in the way of me getting what I want and need. You know that the sum is often greater than the parts, so I’ve found that I swallow perceived pride, ask or admit I’m wrong I end up getting much more.

4. Reality Check: 

When it is a matter of ‘pride’, it’s a good idea to bring out the reality check – “what would I lose / worse-case for injured pride”; “What would I gain?” Often times puffed-up pridefulness can be sidelined for the benefit of all.

5. Don’t Keep it to Yourself:

If you’re proud of someone, tell them (it will make their job for #2 a LOT easier). If you’re proud of your own accomplishments, take time to feel that good feeling. Success breeds success and when we take a moment to savour them, our mind remembers that good feelings and brings about future successes to re-experience this good time.

As you can see, I’m very proud of the new National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnotherapists. I hope to be involved in many of their successes and look forward to seeing their continued growth and experiences – breaking new limits in the field, mind, and understanding of human potential and pride.

Have a wonderful, proud June,

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