Tell a story to set it free: Mending “Broken” Memories? Newsletter Bonus

Here is a short exercise that you can imagine or follow to support you in releasing some of the memories that may no longer be lifting you up or moving your forward (or doing the exact opposite, in fact). These are in addition, not in replacement of getting the support of a profession when you need help. If you’re interested in participating in others, you can explore You’ve got choices and Understand the lingo of your emotions.

Tell a story to set it free

Sometimes we tell a story to ourselves that keeps us where we are, stuck and in pain. Sometimes it’s because it’s familiar, sometimes we don’t know any other option may exist (do the first exercise), sometimes it just becomes habit.

What would the story be like if your goal was to free yourself – how would it have to change? How would the story follow if someone else, with more experience or insight would help you move through it? (you can ask for help or look to your wisest part of mind) Could you play different roles to see others’ restrictions and pain – what would happen to the story then?

Often by working through the story with a view to a change (or what you really want in the end) it’s easier to re-script it. Sometimes you can see the deeper needs that hold you in this pattern – and with the compassion you’d show to someone else in distress, you can help yourself work through these loops to find different options and directions.

Remember to really feel the feelings that are part of the history – they are valid and may help you discover the deep desires, unfulfilled wishes and new understandings that you can integrate in your life now that you’re an adult who has already gotten through each event of your life so far.

If you have a question, please contact [email protected] – we’ll be happy to help. Getting the support of someone to create an understanding and healthy distance from your memories can often save you resources that you might otherwise be using on holding on to the past. If you want to be free, please make an appointment so you can get started on your new path in life.

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