Learn Hypnosis to Bring the Power of Change to Others and Live a Life You Love

A Professional and Fulfilling Certification Program Designed for…

  • Therapists, counsellors, social workers, nurses, educators or professionals in healing or helping vocations who wish to enhance their skills and supplement their selection of treatments with this brief and effective therapeutic method.
  • Human Resources individuals, Trainers or Business Consultants who  would like to augment their knowledge and services and to provide additional modalities for success and change.
  • Individuals who are interested in learning Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis for self improvement and helping others.
  • Hypnotists who wish to be certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), an internationally recognised certifying organisation, and become part of an international network for continued learning and skills exchange


Trained by Professional Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor Jennifer C. S. Norris-Nielsen

Anyone who has met Hypnotherapist and Trainer Jennifer Norris-Nielsen has been ‘mesmerised’ and inspired in by her compelling and comprehensive style of teaching. Through the work that she does, Jennifer hones her classes to become memorable and accessible for her students.

Board Certified and Practicing Hypnotherapist, Training Hypnotherapists. Not only does Jennifer teach individuals how to successfully assist others in harnessing the power of their minds for change, she is also a full-time therapist doing just that. This means that the practicalities of the profession are taken into account, using real-world techniques that will enhance and positively impact outcomes.

Professional Practice and Passion. As founder of Grey Matter Network, Jennifer runs a successful business, and shares important guidelines for others to do the same, either as an adjunct to their current career, or as a full-time, satisfying career on its own.

Author and Expert. Jennifer is author of “Three Hypnotic Powers to Enhance and Enrich Your Child’s Life: A Parent’s Guide”, which provides guidance for adults to help children take command of their internal mental powers, for good. Additionally, she is a Certified Sports Hypnotist, as well as coordinator and trainer for HypnoBirthing® in Asia. Jennifer’s Masters in International Marketing focused on the use of the subconscious mind in connecting business to individuals. With this varied and extensive background, Ms Norris not only relates to those she is teaching but helps students to prepare for the diverse areas that can be targeted in this expanding field of work.

Whether you attend Jennifer’s Live Training or follow the Home Study program, you’ll be guided through the materials so that you can feel confident and comfortable starting in this field of work.

Imagine what it would be like if you could enjoy and be challenged in an important and satisfying career…

Hypnotherapy is an internationally growing profession which allows you to “do well, and do good”, fulfilling your requirements for an occupation can help others at the same time as helping yourself.

Students are not only taught about hypnosis, but the focus of the course is based on ‘hands-on’ practice and knowledge which can be put into action immediately on completion of this course.

Learning the art and science of producing the hypnotic state for others is only the first step in creating the change state. You will be introduced to a number of approaches for therapeutic work with your clients to best enable them to experience the shifts they require.

Professionally, the curriculum will train you “how” to skillfully work with individuals on important change issues, including smoking cessation, stress management and weight control. Understanding the causal levels of the mind and methods or helping people to access them for permanent transformation will serve students well in this challenging field of work.

Group Hypnotherapy work within the course will additionally prepare you to capably facilitate larger numbers of people in a private or work setting successfully. This will enable you to offer services to companies, medical practices, educational institutions and other organisations and agencies.

Proper Practice Makes Perfect. Through our programme, we provide a total of over 100 hours of classroom training, practice and independent study. Which means that you can feel comfortable that you’ve been given a comprehensive and complete programme to embark on this fulfilling career path?