Professionals Practical Foundations Hypnotism – Texas

Professionals Foundation Hypnotism Training: Practical and Actionable Hypnosis Course to Augment Your Work and Life

Houston, Texas: 8-9 & 22-23 July 2016

Austin, Texas: 16-17 &30-31 July 2016

Learn a Powerful and Comprehensive Skill You Can Use to Help Others See Amazing Results
 Discover a Valuable Addition to Your Current Work and Make Yourself More Influential there
Support Your Own Self-Fulfillment and Enhance the Lives of Those You Love

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CEUs for LPC, LMFT, LSW (Texas, USA)

Hypnosis is a growing brief therapeutic approach supporting individuals and groups to make positive changes in their thoughts, feelings and behaviors using the power of their own minds.

Hypnotism helps other therapeutic methodologies, professional occupations, and can serve as a complementary modality in helping people make the shifts they need and want. It also supports individuals in their own personal and professional challenges, accessing opportunities that can enhance health, happiness, and general well-being – making life easier and more joy-filled.

Have you ever felt that:

  • you have too short a time with clients and need a different technique to support them better?
  • you might be looking for new ways to serve or add additional markets to your practice or clientele?
  • you feel confident in your work life, but family or other areas of life seem to be in need of support?
  • you could use a personal or professional ‘reboot’ to increase your energy, focus, income and optimism?


You’re not alone. We have supported students who came to this program with similar issues and goals. And at the completion they have found additional professional and personal solutions that work for them!

Hypnosis is being used more widely with greater acceptance around the world, due in part to its success in helping people make constructive shifts quickly and effectively on a wide variety of issues, including stopping smoking, weight loss, stress reduction, school and sports enhancement, improving relationships and interactions, as well as dealing with fears, anger, and other emotional issues or destructive patterns.

“I can confidently say that attending Jennifer Norris-Nielsen’s Hypnotism Training has definitely been one of the most life-changing events I have experienced.” Amimo A, Kenya/Thailand

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We start with the basics of hypnosis then we develop and hone your skills with practice so you have
workable, effective solutions to bring to your work and life right away!

32 lecture hours; 8 lab hours

Thomas à Kempis is quoted as saying, “The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundations be laid.”

So it is with the Foundations hypnosis training – setting a solid understanding and practical base for you to build your skills and techniques using the power of the subconscious mind in your work.

While we’ll start at the very foundation of how the mind works from a hypnotist’s perspective, you’ll also move through a wide variety of areas to cover both the theory as well as the ‘hands on’ practice which enhances your comfort and confidence so you can put your knowledge into action immediately upon completion of the course. In our work in hypnosis we deal with accessing our clients’ strengths and past experiences, which is how we help our students as well.

From what areas do our students come? Mental health professionals (psychologists, counselors, social workers, therapists, coaches), Medical support (Doctors, Nurses, Specialists, Clinicians), educators (teachers, specialists, trainers, parents), business people and more.

Because hypnosis is such a natural state (for you, your clients/patients/customers/loved ones) our goal is to integrate it and make it most applicable for you in your work and life.

Our intensive program has been refined to allow you to learn a range of different techniques and tools to be prepared and to really enjoy using hypnotism to help everyday people with everyday problems quickly and effectively in your scope of work.

Foundations Course Outline – In Brief

Your training includes the following areas of study plus more to give you a practical knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotism:

Understanding Hypnosis and the Mind

  • Exploration and Definition of Hypnosis
  • Parts of the Mind Explanation
  • Concept of Hypnotizability Explained
  • How to explain Hypnosis to individuals/groups
  • Shifting Hypnosis Myths to Understanding
  • Additional Subjects on Hypnosis and the Mind
  • Adapting Information to various work/life situations
  • Rules of the Mind and Mental Laws
  • Learning the Hypnosis Vocabulary
  • Cautions and Opportunities of Hypnosis
  • Feelings and Emotions Intensive


The Basics of Hypnotizing

  • Suggestibility Tests – theory and practice
  • Introduction to Trance
  • How to Hypnotize
  • Inductions Foundations
  • Emerging techniques
  • History of Hypnotism
  • Learn Self-Hypnosis
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestion Introduction
  • Deepening techniques
  • Shorter Inductions
  • Intro to Depth Scales and Testing
  • Rapid Inductions
  • “Non”-Inductions
  • Hypnosis Practice


Hypnotic Suggestions, Metaphors and Application

  • Qualification of Clients and Enhancing Expectation
  • Influences of Hypnosis and Phenomena Basics
  • Suggestion Management Introduction
  • Suggestion Development
  • Hypnosis for Change:
    • Stop Smoking / Weight Loss (habits)
    • Stress Management (emotions)
    • Goal Setting / Memory / Focus (performance)
    • Class Directed Options etc.
  • Powerful Ways to Enhance Direct Suggestion Success
  • Basics of Metaphors and Listening for ‘Stories’
  • Ideo-Motor Responses and Techniques


Aligning, Action and Adding to Your Specific Needs

  • Adding Hypnosis to Your Current Work (relationships)
  • Setup of Your First Session / Checklist
  • Forms and Administration
  • Gathering Background Information
  • Session Structure Options
  • Working with Groups Basics

…And much more supervised practice for greater confidence!

Our goal is to teach you the most relevant skills you need to apply them directly in your profession and life, shared with you in a dynamic and engaging way. We want professionals to have techniques they can actually use, immediately and comfortably.

We are also a continuing education provider for LPC, LSW and LMFT (Texas).

“I confess I’m a course junkie, and this is probably the course with the most information and the best tracked delivery. I really admire how you were training us from your heart the whole time, your patience, and jut love and desire to share everything you know so we can actually help make some changes. And I have had an amazing personal transformation. Thank you so much.” Maria K., Singapore


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  1. Four Pillar Skills for Hypnotists (and Therapists) Package (book + 2 videos) – Practice simple but powerful exercises in four important areas to support your therapeutic work in subtle yet powerful ways! (UP $39)
  2. HypnoSleep (Audio Guide) – Including suggestions in this way can help transform lives (especially those of children) when done correctly. Not only a skill you can learn but one you can teach to your clients as well. (UP $29)
  3. Step-by-Step Tips to Enhancing Your Sessions: Even Before Clients Come to Your Office (book) – Chock full of informative tips and lessons from experienced Hypnotists and Hypnotherapists, this guide gives ideas for networking, talking to, making appointments, introducing concepts and enhancing expectations (and for those with charging issues, a small section on asking for and collecting fees). A helpful resource when you need to boost certain aspects of client interactions. (UP $24)
  4.  6 Solutions to Issues “In the Chair” (book) – This is a valuable troubleshooting guide for situations that hypnotists may be rattled by, yet have solid options to solve these challenges. A handy go-to booklet when you’re starting in hypnosis (and beyond). (UP $9.99)
  5. One Hour of Supervision/Mentoring Post-Course – This is a private one-to-one session with your instructor upon completion of the course to support you with client issues, business challenges or personal support.

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Each of you will receive the “Stop Smoking Success” Package (book, videos, quick sheets) to help you become highly proficient and comfortable in helping clients stop smoking – a skill that brings high value to clients and provides another stream of income for you. Grab a colleague or friend and benefit from this valuable ‘friend bonus’!

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If you have previously trained in hypnosis but would like a review and opportunity to consolidate your understanding more deeply and have an opportunity to really practice, please contact us to be a part of this great class.


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Our advanced and specialty training requires successful completion of the Foundations course (or similar training). Find out more about each of these courses by clicking on the links or contact us at pr[email protected] for details.