Why become a Professional

There are many reasons why Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis fits into your life

Fellow students have joined the Hypnosis Profession for different reasons. Here are a few of the most popular…

[acc_item title=”I’m looking for meaningful work, but need to consider my family right now”]

We understand that there are important things going on in your life and you have a number of priorities to juggle. Learning skills that can support your relationships and children have the bonus effect of both supporting yourself – your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing – as well as helping you to change family dynamics for the better, as you’re learning.

With the 10-day intensive classroom training or the home study class you’ll be able to fit this transformational learning into a busy schedule. We want our graduates to be competent and confident once you’ve completed the training and the classes, assignments and tests are all constructed to make sure you know what you’re doing in this exciting and meaningful area of work.

We’ve had graduates who have started out ‘just’ supporting their spouse, children and family members – making positive and constructive changes that increase wellbeing and amazing ‘knock-on’ effects that positively affect others. Others have started immediately working part-time – as scheduling of hypnosis clients is set by you so you can work when you want. Others, as their situation changes over time, have moved into full-time work supporting the greater community at large and giving them greater purpose for the future.


[acc_item title=”I want to bring hypnotic change potential to power up my current work”]

A knowledge of the use of hypnosis can be immediately useful in the outside world of work – reducing stress, enhancing performance or sales, and helping individuals and businesses move through the challenges that happen easily and effectively.

We’ve had graduates who have used the valuable skills taught in this course to augment work processes and increase choice and control in their current vocation. Medical health practitioners have supported patients with mind-body practices that work. Businesspeople have increased sales, become more comfortable in public speaking (for themselves) and have consolidated teams within the work environment for greater success. Mental health practitioners have supplemented current therapeutic methods for clients who need a different angle to break through and thrive. The options are limitless on how to apply this relevant and influential skill on other areas of work.

[acc_item title=”I’m at a crossroads in my life – I need a new path but don’t want to start from scratch”]

While you don’t need to have prior education in hypnosis to begin this course, we find that individuals with varied life experience (whatever it may be) seem to be more successful as they merge their past experiences and learning with this new way of thinking.

Whether it’s a mid-life change of directions, a shift to something more meaningful and personally relevant, or returning to volunteer or work after retiring, our graduates use the skills they already possess and transform them into something powerful and helpful through learning the skills of hypnotherapy.

The flexibility of learning extends to your practice – you can work as much or as little as you need and want within the field – your schedule is set by you. Even if you’re not sure you want to leave your current career, you can ‘test out’ hypnotherapy while continuing to work in your existing job.

[acc_item title=”I need something that can move with me – around the country or around the world”]

Our graduates successfully practice in many countries around the globe. As a Certified Hypnotherapist or Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), you are part of an internationally recognized group practicing this powerful skill. The NGH is one of the largest and oldest certifying bodies for hypnotism in the world.

Your lead instructor, Jennifer Norris-Nielsen, is a living example of the portability of hypnosis. She has worked successfully in a number of different countries in this field, helping thousands of individuals from dozens of different nationalities. We pride ourselves on being culturally sensitive so that our international Hypnotherapists can best serve a world of change.

Interested in finding out more benefits of becoming a trained professional in Hypnosis? Contact us to get a free copy of the benefits and uses of Hypnosis once you’ve graduated.