About Hypnosis

One of the tools that we use at Grey Matter Network with the greatest positive outcome is also one of the tools that is most misunderstood.


Hypnosis is for almost anyone. Using modern hypnotic techniques, anyone who is of normal or higher intelligence and can follow instructions can experience the benefits of hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy is suitable for anyone who wants to make a positive change in his or her life. It is a naturally occurring state of mind. While you might not have realized it, you have already experienced it many times. Hypnosis happens spontaneously when we find ourselves daydreaming.

If you’ve ever been focused on a good book, a game, a hobby or sport or working towards a deadline and time has ‘flown’ by without your awareness, you were in a state of focused consciousness, which is the same as hypnosis – everything else was put on hold while you got involved in that one point of focus.

A hypnotherapist simply helps you to use these natural human abilities to make the kind of changes that you want to make, like losing weight, breaking habits, improving how you feel, or working with your physician to manage things such as pain.

The Mind – a backgrounder

A bit of background first, about the mind, and how hypnosis works for effective change.

Take a moment to think about your mind. To a hypnotherapist there are three parts – the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

The conscious mind, which is the logical and analytical part, is the one that gives you that “Let’s do it” urge – as in, for example, “I’m going to lose that weight, and I’ll be healthier, sexier, live longer – great!” But unfortunately, it is only a temporary point of focus which, for the most part, can’t take that initial push through to make long-term change.

This is due to its connection to the critical function, a part of your brain this is like a club’s “bouncer” that says, “No, you’ll never do it – you tried last year and failed, that health-food kick lasted about three hours… You can’t do it!” Change against these odds is difficult.

So, where is change possible? The subconscious mind is the place where habits, behaviours and beliefs are stored. It is like a warehouse or the hard drive of a computer, where all of your past experiences accumulate.

Sometimes, like computers, people pick up “viruses”, in the form of misperceptions or erroneous beliefs – for example, that they aren’t able to be the best person they could be or experience the success they desire – they can’t lose those last pounds, or will always be a sucker for ice cream. Whether it was something from the past or picked up recently, a perfectly “good” person might not perform at their peak.

By working at a subconscious level, these fears and misperceptions can be removed so that you can increase your chances at successful change – removing old blockages and programs, improving your own personal perceptions, so there is no longer a need to limit yourself or not succeed at what you want to do.
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