Who needs resolutions?

Who needs resolutions? You see people all over the place, bubbly glass in hand promising to do things they will never end up doing. It’s a formal planning for failure, right?

So let’s not call them resolutions, shall we? Instead they are ideas or changes that help us get in touch with our authentic selves. They often help us get in touch with our own inner desires that help us define our lives on our terms.

A bad habit? A destructive pattern? A negative emotional cycle? They all tend to take away our own power and energy that could be used in a more unencumbered way. Without the chains of these aspects we want to change, we can experience greater freedom.

If you were looking for any direction on how to succeed at resolutions, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s no one way. You are the architect of your life, and you can make your plans in ways that work for you.

Change is always a choice and you can find, within yourself, the information and resources to make that choice for you.

The subconscious mind loves meaning, and by discovering what is truly most important to you, it will tend to align more helpfully in making tweaks and shifts that allow you to be more successfully genuine and original.

You can look for the significance in your desired changes and once you find the value in them, your subconscious can help you become more independent from outdated models that may be holding you down or back.

If you decide that a fellow discoverer (like me) can back you up in honing your truest and most vibrant self, let me know. I have online ‘Skype’ sessions available so we can meet on your schedule, wherever you are.


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